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Avalon Microwave & Millimeter Wave Solution Union Cables

Avalon Test Equipment microwave and millimeter wave cables for 5G communication, EMC, and antenna testing. Comes in 18 inch and 30 inch sizes

Narda SignalShark Handheld 40 MHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

The lab in your hand. If you need to quickly detect and reliably localize hidden, sporadic or brief interference signals on the move within the more and more tightly packed frequency bands, you need the SignalShark. This device, with its handy format, is capable of dealing with today’s complex measurement and analysis tasks reliably and quickly to the same standard as laboratory instruments.

4.3/10 200W 4x Load Kit

Comes with: PLano 3340-10 Plastic Case, Qty 2 Low PIM Adapter, 4.3/10(m) - 4.3/10(f) [Connector Saver], Qty 8 Low PIM 4.3-10(m-m); 1/2” Superflex Cable; 5ft, Qty 4 Torque Wrench, Fixed, 22mm HEad, 8 NM (5.9FT-LB) Low PIM Termination, 200W, 4.3/10(f), 600-2700MHz, Qty 4 Cleaning Tool, Qty. 10 100 Isopropyl Alcohol Towelette Pelican 1560 Hard Case

Anritsu MT8212E Cell Master Base Station Analyzer

Cable and Antenna Analyzer: 2 MHz – 4

Keysight N9000B CXA Signal Analyzer

Multi-touch, 9 kHz–26.5 GHz

VIAVI Solutions RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool

Purchase a NEW RF Vision for $6400

NH Research 9300 High-Voltage Battery Test System

A programmable DC power supply designed to operate as a regenerative DC load in battery pack testing with a power range of 100kW - 2.4MW. NHR 9300 high-voltage batter testers are quick, efficent, fully programmable and bi-directional DC power sources. A modular series, NH Research 9300 power supplies can be chained together in groups of up to 24 100kW units for a total of 2.4MW.

VIAVI Solutions OneAdvisor-800A CAA OTDR SM with Accessories

All-in-one cell site installation and maintenance test too – Fiber, Coax, and RF

Anritsu MW82119B 600 MHz PIM Master®

PIM Master MW82119B Battery-operated, High Power Portable, Passive Intermodulation Analyzer with optional Cable and Antenna Analyzer

Anritsu S331L Site Master Cable & Antenna Analyzer

2.0MHz to 4.0GHz Cable & Antenna Analyzer, 50MHz to 4.0GHz Power Meter. Sweep Gear. Sweep Tools.

EM Test AutoWave Arbitrary Generator

For Generating and Recording Automotive Waveforms