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ADS-37A-PRF is a military standard set by the US Army.

Avalon carries a variety of equipment to meet ADS-37A-PRF requirements along with other military standards. Rent from Avalon and Test With Confidence®.

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HI-6053 Electric Field Probe

ETS-Lindgren's Model HI-6053 is a battery-operated electric field probe that provides broadband frequency coverage and wide dynamic range that satisfies the demands of most test requirements.

IFI T82-300 TWT Amplifier

2GHz to 6GHz, 300W

Keysight/Agilent E8257C PSG Analog Signal Generator

Keysight/Agilent E8257C PSG Analog Signal Generator, up to 40GHz. Low phase noise, high power, and analog modulation. Modular architecture.

T186-300 High Power TWT Microwave Power Amplifier

The IFI T186-300 is part of the T-300 Series of High Power TWT Amplifiers provide outstanding RF performance.

Keysight N9020B MXA Signal Analyzer

Multi-touch, 10 Hz–50 GHz

IFI EFG-3B E-Field Generating Antenna

10 kHz – 220 MHz, 2000 watts

IFI SMCC500 Solid State Amplifier

200 MHz to 1000 MHz, 500 W

IFI T188-500 High Power TWT Microwave Power Amplifier

Rent IFI's T188 Series High Power TWT Microwave Power Amplifier T188-500 from Avalon Test Equipment. CW TWT 7.5GHz to 18GHz, 500W

IFI SCCX800 Solid State Amplifier

10 kHz–220 MHz, 800 W

Amplifier Research 1000LM20 Broadband Amplifier

10 kHz - 220 MHz, 1000 Watts, 208V/3PH Input

IFI GT188-500 TWT Amplifier

8 GHz–18 GHz, 500 W