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Area Monitors

Area monitors, or EMF monitors, measure the electromagnetic fields (EMF) produced by power lines, electricity cables, smartphones, cellular radios, and many other devices that we are constantly surrounded by. The use of an area monitor is essential to determine electromagnetic radiation levels and to ensure the general public is protected from harmful exposure.

EMF monitors can perform both short-term monitoring and long-term observation applications. The frequency range can be expanded on top of other added functions by using different specialized probes. These other options can also allow users to test according to FCCIEEECanada SC-6, and ICNIRP standards.

Avalon Test Equipment carries a variety of area monitors to rent or purchase so you can Test With Confidence®.

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Narda FieldMan All-in-one EMF Meter, 0-90GHz

Narda FieldMan - The smart solution for EMF measurements up to 90 GHz Wide measurement range from 0 Hz (DC) to 90 GHz Digital probe interface: no calibration of the measuring device required, only the probe is calibrated Anti-glare, brilliant color display with automatic brightness adjustment can easily be read even in poor lighting conditions or intense sunlight Sensors measure temperature, air humidity, pressure and height above ground Rapid data transmission using various interfaces