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Cable Fault Locators

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Megger HVB10 High-Voltage Bridge

Megger HVB10 High-Voltage Bridge for CFL in Long HV Cables

Megger MPP2000 Cable Fault Pinpointer

The Megger Pinpointer model MPP2000 is specifically designed to accurately and quickly pinpoint faults in underground cable networks. Easy-to-access menus provide advanced users the flexibility and features they desire.

Megger SG15-1150M HV Cable Fault Locating System

The Megger SG15-1150M power cable fault locator system is designed to provide safe, quick, accurate, and easy fault locating performance.

LCI TX-440 Cable Identifier

The Megger LCI TX-440 is an active cable identifier, designed for the selection on de-energized cables.

Dynatel Pipe/Cable/Fault and Marker Locator 2573-iD

Designed to be more accurate, faster and more integrated than most locators on the market, the 3M Dynatel Locators 2550/2573 Series represent an advancement in locating and fault finding technology for the field professional.

Dynatel 2273M Pipe/Cable/Fault Locator

The 3M Dynatel Locator 2273M Series is designed to find the path and estimated depth of buried cables and pipes, and the ability to find underground faults.

Megger Easyloc Standard Complete System

Complete set with receiver, transmitter and grounding accessories

Dynatel 573A Cable & Fault Locator

Locate cables without taking them out of service.