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ODM TTK 720 Fiber Optic Test Kit Inspection, OPM Testing, VFL

Model Number: TTK-720

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ODM TTK 720 Fiber Optic Test Kit Inspection, OPM Testing, VFL

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ODM TTK 720 Fiber Optic Test Kit Inspection, OPM Testing, VFL

The TTK 720 kit provides test technicians and contractors with an all-in-one solution to their fiber optic testing needs. Built around the robust functionality of the VIS 300C-PM-02 platform, this kit ensures that fiber optic test results can be gathered and reported using simple, efficient processes.

The VIS 300C-PM-02-V is an inspection and test platform with onboard Optical Power Meter (OPM) and Visual Fault Locator (VFL). All functions of the VIS 300C platform are controlled via the 5-inch touchscreen and ODM’s proprietary inSpecTM software. Using this system, users can save test results, create closeout reports in the field, and send results wirelessly with a Wi-Fi connection.

The VIS 300C system includes a high-definition inspection scope with interchangeable inspection tips and a hardware button to initiate automated analysis of fiber endfaces. ODM includes several automated analysis profiles meeting IEC 61300-3-35 standards, making the system ideal for all fiber types commonly found in telecom industry infrastructure.

The TTK 720 contains a complete system of “one-click” dry cleaners and lint-free wipes with fiber optic-grade solution for wet/dry cleaning. When used correctly, these tools can clean endfaces to meet the IEC 61300-3-35 industry standard.

Using the onboard OPM and included DLS 355 dual laser source along with single mode test jumpers, users can gather dB loss and/or dBm power readings on single mode fiber. Results are saved directly to the VIS 300C system for field viewing and editing.

Test Standards
  •  AT&T
  •   Fiber Testing
  •   Sprint
  •   T-Mobile
  •   Verizon
VIS 300C Monitor/System
  • Screen: 5” Multi-touch LCD
  • Storage: 8 GB (30,000 images)
  • Battery: Lithium Ion
  • Battery Life: 4-5 hr continuous
  • Battery Charge Time: 2 hr
  • Size: 5.5” x 5.75” x 2.25”
  • Weight: 1.8 lb
  • Operating Temp: 0 to 50 C
  • Storage Temp: -40 to 70 C
Inspection Scope Probe
  • FOV (Field of View): 860μm x 640μm
  • Resolution: <1 micron
  • Lighting Technique: Coaxial
  • Size: 7”x 1”x .75”
  • Weight: 0.35 lb
  • Connector: USB 2.0 Type A
  • Tip Style: Interchangeable
Visual Fault Locator
  • Wavelength: 635nm
  • Output Powe:r 1mW - FDA 2 / IEC 2
  • Power Toggle: Onscreen Button
Power Meter
  • Wavelength Range: 850nm to 1625nm
  • Calibrated Wavelengths: 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1610/1625
  • Measurement Range: -02: +6 to -60 dBm
  • Resolution: 0.01 dB
  • Results Displayed: dB/dBm
  • Detector Type: -02: Germanium
  • Optical Interface: 2.5mm Universal and LC Included
DLS 355 Dual Single Mode Laser Source
  • Wavelength: 1310nm & 1550nm
  • Output Power: -4.0 dBm Typical
  • Laser Classification: Class 1 (FDA 21 CFR 1040, 11)
  • Output Stability: One Hour: +/-0.05dB
  • Long Term: (15min warm up): +/-0.03dB
  • Spectral Width: 5nm/5nm
  • Optical Interface: Universal Connector Interface (SC, FC, ST, LC)
  • Tone Output: 2kHz
  • Power Options: Push Button ON, Auto Shutoff, Continuous Mode Available
  • Battery: CR2
  • Dimensions: 6.1 x .94 x .75 in. (15.5 x 2.38 x 1.90cm)
  • Weight: 3.0 oz (8.5g)
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to 50˚C
  • Storage Temperature: -30 to 60˚C
Standard Accessories Included
  • VIS 300C-PM-02-V: Inspection probe and monitor with automated analysis software, onboard storage, report creation, and Wi-Fi data transfer. Onboard power meter (Germanium detector, 2.5mm universal adapter) and VFL (2.5mm universal interface) added. 1.25mm, 2.5mm, LC, and SC inspection tips included.
  • DLS 355: Dual single mode laser source. 1310nm/1550nm single-port SC output. 2kHz tone modulation functionality.
  • AC 4500: Single mode loopback module with lanyard. 0dB insertion loss.
  • AC 523: Single mode paired jumper - SC-LC/LC-LC UPC connectors. 1 meter.
  • AC 602: LC-LC duplex bulkhead.
  • AC 029: LC adapter for OPM.
  • AC 107B: LC 60-degree inspection tip for VIS probe.
  • AC 089: One-click dry cleaner for ODC and LC bulkheads/connectors.
  • AC 092: SqR pad and fiber wash pen wet/dry cleaning system.
MSRP $3,695.00


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