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EM Test UCS 200N100

Model Number: UCS 200N100

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EM Test UCS 200N100

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EM Test UCS 200N100 Compact Automotive Generator

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The UCS 200N Ultra-Compact Simulator series for Automotive Transients unifies the capabilities of an EFT/Burst simulator, a Micro-pulse simulator and the required coupling network into one box. The UCS 200N series is equipped to meet all international and car manufacturer specifications from around the globe. The built-in coupling network ranges up to 200A depending on the model. The built-in coupling network can be used and controlled by any unit of the LD 200N series, VDS 200N series and PFS 200N series. For tests beyond standard's requirements the waveform parameters of the Micro-pulse generator can be varied in a wide range by means of the Freestyle mode. Includes:
  • EFT
  • MPG
  • 60V/100A coupler with battery switch
  • Single DUT output
  • MPG/SAEJ1455
  • Built-in coupling/decoupling network, 80V/100A, 150A@500ms
  • iso.control 2 software lincense included

An innovative color touch screen with intuitive menu structure and defined keys for Start / Stop / Pause, indicated by LED bars, enables the user to program test routines quickly and accurately. This automotive generator also includes built in battery switch an over current protection for added testing safety. The UCS200N can be integrated with the LD200N and VDS200N for a complete immunity test system, similar to that of the NSG 5500.

Test Standards
  •  Audi (Reference vehicles)
  •   BMW - (Airbag ECU)
  •   BMW 600 13.0 (Part 2)
  •   BMW GS 95002 (1999)
  •   BMW GS 95002 (2001)
  •   BMW GS 95024-2-1
  •   Case New Holland ENS0310
  •   Chrylser CS-11979
  •   Chrysler CS-11809 (2009)
  •   Chrysler DC-11224 Rev.A
  •   Chrysler PF-9326
  •   Cummins 14269 (982022-026)
  •   DaimlerChrysler DC-10614
  •   DaimlerChrysler PF-10540
  •   EN 300329
  •   EN 300340
  •   EN 300342-1
  •   EN 301489-1
  •   EN 301489-1
  •   EN 301489-17
  •   EN 301489-24
Dimensions and Weight
  • UCS 200N100: 19"/6HU, approx. 30kg
  • Supply Voltage: 115/230V +10/-15%
  • Fuses: 2 x T 2AT (230V) or 2 x T 4AT (115V)
  • Serial interface: USB
  • Parallel Interface: IEEE 488, addresses 1 - 30
  • CN Interface: To control the internal CN and battery switch
  • Temperature: 10 °C to 35 °C
  • Humidity: 30 % to 75 %, non condensing
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 86 kPa (860 mbar) to 106 kPa (1,060 mbar)
Standard Accessories Included
  • ACC - Capacitive Coupling Clamp
  • CA EFT Kit- Verification Kit for EFT/ Burst Pulses
  • CA ISO- Load Resistors for Pulse Verification
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