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Raymond EMC QuietShelter™ Enclosure

The Raymond EMC QuietShelter™ Enclosure is a fully customizable, deployable RF shielded enclosure equipped with standard forklift pockets that can be transported by air, land or sea. This product meets stringent shielding specifications.

Raymond EMC Bulkhead Panels

Bulkhead panels are used to mount RF connectors and waveguide pipe penetrations without degrading the shielding performance. Raymond EMC manufactures them primarily from brass in multiple sizes.

Raymond EMC Feedthroughs

Raymond EMC offers a complete line of feedthroughs for passing radio frequencies and data through shielded enclosures.

Raymond EMC Filters

Raymond EMC’s powerline filters and signal filters range from 0.5 amp to 600 amp, and can be used with all our products.

Raymond EMC Honeycomb Waveguide Vents

Raymond EMC’s honeycomb waveguide vents come in all sizes with brass and steel framing options. Available options include high-performing vents and security bars. These are easily installed in existing enclosures.

Raymond EMC Lighting Upgrade

Raymond EMC can upgrade your chamber lighting to a brighter and more current lighting system. Low profile, interference free, energy efficient and maintenance free solutions are available.

Raymond EMC QuietChamber™

Raymond EMC’s QuietChamber™ provides an interference-free and simulated free space environment. They design this highly customized product based on their clients’ specifications and according to the absorption they require. Applications include 5G and antenna.

Raymond EMC QuietChamber™ Compact

Raymond EMC’s RF shielded QuietChamber™ Compact enables pre-compliance emissions measurements at a 3-meter distance and compliant immunity measurements.

Raymond EMC QuietShelter™ Hybrid

The Raymond EMC QuietShelter™ Hybrid is a fully deployable enclosure with the dual function of providing secure discussion and EMSEC emissions security.

Raymond EMC QuietShelter™ STC

The Raymond EMC QuietShelter™ STC is an acoustic-only, fully deployable chamber that provides a secure discussion area.

Raymond EMC QuietShelter™ TEMPEST

The Raymond EMC QuietShelter™ TEMPEST provides EMSEC emissions security in a deployable chamber. This secure processing enclosure can be used as a portable data centre, or for any purpose where electromagnetics must be kept either out of the chamber or contained within.

Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Enclosure

The Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Enclosure is a custom RF shielding solution that is modifiable to meet virtually any size requirement – from a workstation to an aircraft hangar. EMC Raymond works directly with you to deliver a room design that meets your precise needs and conforms with industry specifications.

Raymond EMC QuietShield™ TEMPEST

The Raymond EMC QuietShield™ TEMPEST allows secure processing by containing electromagnetic emissions within the enclosure.

Raymond EMC RF Absorbers

Raymond EMC partners with the best manufacturers in the business to deliver a full range of high-performance RF absorbers that meet the most stringent specifications. Their deep experience and technical knowledge ensure that they deliver the best-quality, most efficient products for your requirements.

Raymond EMC Shielded Windows and Glass

Raymond EMC manufactures a line of RF shielded windows for military or industrial use with an RF shielded room. This product is tested to IEEE 299.

Raymond EMC Turntables and Masts

Raymond EMC provides custom, adjustable turntables and masts for performing precise EMC measurements and RF testing.

Raymond EMC Waveguide Pipe Penetrations

Raymond EMC’s full line of waveguide pipe penetrations enable you to pass a variety of materials into or out of an RF shielded enclosure without compromising the effectiveness of the shielding.

Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Hybrid

The Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Hybrid has a dual function. It delivers TEMPEST secure processing capability in addition to secure speech capability.

Raymond EMC QuietStation™

The Raymond EMC QuietStation™ provides all the benefits of their shielded enclosures in a compact and maneuverable package. This shielding solution is ideal for customers with limited space or who require mobility.

Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Screen

The Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Screen is a QuietShield™ Enclosure constructed with copper screen shielding. The screen allows sound and air to penetrate for an open-feeling room that delivers limited attenuation between internal and external environments.

Raymond EMC QuietChamber™ Ultra Compact

Raymond EMC’s RF shielded QuietChamber™ Ultra Compact enables pre-compliance measurements at a 1-meter distance.

Raymond EMC QuietChamber™ 3m

Raymond EMC’s RF shielded QuietChamber™ 3m enables compliant measurements at a 3-meter distance.

Raymond EMC QuietChamber™ 5m

Raymond EMC’s RF shielded QuietChamber™ 5m enables compliant measurements at a 5-meter distance.

Raymond EMC QuietChamber™ 10m

Raymond EMC’s RF shielded QuietChamber™ 10m enables compliant measurements at a 10-meter distance.

Raymond EMC QuietChamber™ MIL

QuietChamber™ MIL is purpose-built with RF absorbers that meet military standards to MIL-STD-461 and DO-160 as an option. This product is also available as a hybrid solution.

Raymond EMC QuietChamber™ CISPR 25

QuietChamber™ CISPR 25 is purpose-built with RF absorbers that meet automotive standards, with ISO 11452-2 as an option.

Raymond EMC QuietChamber™ DO 160

QuietChamber™ DO 160 is purpose-built with RF absorbers that meet aerospace standards.

Raymond EMC QuietChamber™ Hybrid

Our QuietChamber™ Hybrid combines the geometry of two typical EMC test chambers to create a dual-purpose anechoic environment.

Raymond EMC QuietChamber™ Reverb

Raymond EMC’s QuietChamber™ Reverb is a shielded enclosure for RF testing available in steel or higher Q-factor materials. This product requires less input power than other EMC chambers and complies with IEC 61000-4-21, RTCA/DO-160 and MIL-STD-461.

Raymond EMC QuietDoor™ RCM

Each QuietDoor™ RCM includes revolutionary innovations such as forward-mounted fingerstock, safe and secure latching hardware and easily-serviced components.

Raymond EMC QuietDoor™ RCM Automation

Raymond EMC has combined the versatility of programmable logic control with the reliability of pneumatics to create the most advanced shielded door automation system on the market. This may be the most “usable” door available.

Raymond EMC QuietDoor™ HTh

The low-maintenance requirements of the hinged QuietDoor™ HTh make it the perfect RF shielded door solution for high-traffic EMI chambers and RFI systems. Its compression-type seal offers exceptional shielding effectiveness while eliminating the constant wear and oxidation seen with conventional RCM shielded doors.

Raymond EMC QuietDoor™ HTs

The QuietDoor™ HTs provides all the benefits of QuietDoor™ HTh in a sliding door. It is the perfect sliding RF shielded door solution for high-traffic EMI chambers and RFI systems. Its compression-type seal offers exceptional shielding effectiveness while eliminating the constant wear and oxidation seen with conventional RCM shielded doors.

Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Cab

Raymond EMC’s fully customizable QuietShield™ CAB is the perfect shielding solution for customers who need to integrate rack-mounted “consumer off of the shelf” (COTS) equipment into a shielded environment. The QuietShield™ CAB arrives at your site fully tested to client specifications.

Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Box

Raymond EMC designed QuietShield™ Box to test hand-held wireless devices such as pagers and cell phones. This product typically provides 80 dB of RF shielding attenuation between 1 MHz and 10 GHz. It is small and easy to use, making it the ideal solution for troubleshooting.

Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Box HP

Raymond EMC’s QuietShield™ Box High Performance (HP) provides all the benefits of QuietShield™ Box with the added features of galvanized steel construction and RF isolation of 100 dB.