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CISPR 32 is a standard created by CISPR to institute requirements that provide protection of radio spectrum, allowing radio services to run as intended at frequency ranges from 9 kHz to 400 GHz. It was also designed to specify particular procedures in order to accurately repeat results and measurements. MME (multimedia equipment) is covered under CISPR 32 for AC or DC supply voltage not exceeding 600V.

Equipment that is within the scope of CISPR 13 or CISPR 22 has been replaced by CISPR 32 and is within the same scope.

The following standards are usually also applicable under the scope of CISPR 32 to cover all EMC phenomena: CISPR 20 (sound and television broadcast receivers and related equipment), CISPR 24 (IT equipment), CISPR 35 (MME), IEC 61000-3-2 (limits for harmonic current emissions), and IEC 61000-3-3 (limitation of voltage changes, voltage fluctuations, and flicker in public low-voltage supply systems).

Avalon Test Equipment offers a variety of equipment to meet test requirements for CISPR 32. Rent from Avalon and Test With Confidence®.

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