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Rohde & Schwarz ESU8 EMI Test Receiver

The R&S® ESU is a family of CISPR 16-1-1-compliant EMI test receivers that meet all civil and military standards for electromagnetic disturbance measurements.

PMM (Narda) 9010F EMC/EMI Receiver

PMM (Narda) 9010F CISPR 16-1-1 and MIL-STD-461 Compliant EMC/EMI Receiver

Rohde & Schwarz ESCI EMI Test Receiver

For compliance tests meeting all civil standards from 9 kHz to 3/7 GHz

Rohde & Schwarz ESIB26 EMI Test Receiver

Each R&S® ESIB combines the high sensitivity, large dynamic range and selectivity of a high-end EMI test receiver with the flexibility and speed of a top-class spectrum analyzer. The R&S® ESIB EMI test receivers fully comply with the basic standard CISPR 16-1-1 and carry out measurements in conformance with all civil and military EMI standards such as CISPR, EN, VDE, ANSI, FCC, BS, ETS, VCCI, MIL-STD, VG, DEF-STAN, etc.

Rohde & Schwarz ESIB40 EMI Test Receiver

The Rohde & Schwarz ESIB family of EMI test receivers combines the high sensitivity, large dynamic range, and selectivity of a high-end test receiver with the flexibility and speed of a top-class spectrum analyzer in one instrument.

PMM (Narda) 7010 EMI Test Receiver

The 7010 EMI Receiver is an easy-to-use device suitable for conducted and radiated measurements from 9 kHz up to 3 GHz.

Rohde & Schwarz ESR7 EMI Test Receiver

The R&S ESR7 EMI Test Receiver is a dual instrument that measures electromagnetic disturbances while simultaneously functioning as a fully featured, powerful signal and spectrum analyzer for lab applications

Rohde & Schwarz ESRP3 EMI Test Receiver

The R&S®ESRP EMI test receiver has been designed for diagnostic measurements during development and for precompliance measurements in order to prepare products for final certification testing. It measures electromagnetic disturbances in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 7 GHz, using either conventional stepped frequency scan or an FFT-based time domain scan, a method that significantly speeds up measurements. At the same time, the R&S®ESRP is a full-featured, powerful signal and spectrum analyzer for lab applications. The R&S®ESRP comes with a straightforward menu structure that combines with the intuitive touchscreen to make the test receiver very easy to operate in any mode.

Com-Power AT-812 Antenna Tripod

Com-Power AT series antenna tripods are a great choice for EMC testing. They are made of non reflective nylon and wood material.

Com-Power CLA-150 Absorbing Clamp

The absorbing clamp CLA-150 was designed for EMC emissions measurement of from electrical instruments via their connecting leads. It has a 32-mm cable aperture.

Com-Power LI-350 LISN

10 kHz–400 MHz, 5 microhenry / 50 Amps

Com-Power PAM-103 Preamplifier

The Com-Power model PAM-103 Preamplifier (1MHz to 1GHz) is intended for improving measurement system sensitivity during EMC compliance testing.

A.H. Systems PAM-0118P Preamplifier

This high gain preamplifier has a rugged performance over a wide operating frequency range. The added protection of the one watt limiter is an ideal solution when testing in high fields, 20MHz to 18GHz.

Com-Power LI-325 LISN

10 kHz–400 MHz, 5 microhenry / 25 Amps

Teseq BTP 6010 Antenna Tripod

Tripod for RSG 1000 and RSG 3000

A.H. Systems AEH-511 Azimuth & Elevation Head

Used to assist the test engineer in pointing the mounted test antenna towards the device under test.

Com-Power LI-4100 LISN

10 kHz–10 MHz, 50 microhenry / 100 Amps

Com-Power PAM-840A Preamplifier

The Com-Power PAM-840A is a wideband, high gain, bench top microwave preamplifier; 18GHz to 40GHz.

Teseq FT 801 Ferrit Tube EM Decoupling Clamp

150 kHz–1 GHz, 35 mm Cable Diameter

Teseq LNA 6000 Preamplifier

The Teseq LNA 6000 is a low noise amplifier with 12.5 dB of gain covering the nominal frequency range 1 MHz to 3 GHz and can be used in the range from 200 kHz to 4 GHz. With its high gain and low noise figure, it will significantly increase the sensitivity of virtually all spectrum analyzers and other RF measuring instruments.

Com-Power LI-550C LISN

100 kHz–08 MHz

Fischer F-120-1 Bulk Current Injection Probe

The Fischer Custom Communications FCC F-120-1 Bulk Current Injection Probe has been designed to extend the use of conducted immunity testing over the bandwidth of 10 kHz – 175 MHz

Keysight E7401A EMC Analyzer

Early evaluation of your design's EMI performance is essential for a successful product. The Keysight E7401A EMC Analyzer, 9 kHz to 1.5 GHz provides the capabilities you need in an analyzer to make in-house EMI precompliance testing a reality.