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Electrical testers are necessary to ensure the safety of both people and equipment. Without testing, faults could go undetected for years. Performing electrical, power, transformer, cable testing, and maintenance can cause electrical systems to last twice as long. Ensuring the safety of the equipment and its surroundings is arguably one of the main reasons to perform electrical testing by detecting any issues before they become a larger problem. Electrical malfunctions can lead to devastating fires, the excess current could cause fatal shocks, and surges can damage equipment.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has standards in place to ensure proper testing requirements are met.

Avalon Test Equipment offers a variety of electrical testers to meet specific requirements, allowing you to Test With Confidence®.

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Fluke 1738 Three-Phase Power Quality Logger

Built with Fluke Connect® mobile app and desktop software compatibility give you the data you need to make critical power quality and energy decisions in real-time. The ideal test tool for conducting energy studies and basic power quality logging, the 1738 automatically captures and logs over 500 power quality parameters so you have more visibility into the data you need to optimize system reliability and savings.

Fluke 1736 Three-Phase Power Quality Logger

Versatile, three-phase Fluke Connect-compatible power logger for conducting energy, load and power quality studies

Hioki 3196 3-Phase Power Quality Analyzer

The 3196 measures, records and analyzes power line quality.

Fluke 437-II Power Quality Monitor and Energy Analyzer

400 Hz Power Quality Monitor and Energy Analyzer

HIOKI PW3365 Clamp on Power Logger

Eliminate the Risk of Short-Circuits and Electrical Accidents

AEMC 6472 Ground Resistance Tester

A portable measurement instrument designed to measure Bond Resistance, Ground Resistance (with and without clamps), Soil Resistivity, Earth Coupling, Step & Touch Potential.

Megger DET2-2 Auto Earth Tester

Megger DET2-2 Auto Earth Tester. The DET2/2 digital ground resistance tester provides a wide resistance range from 0.010 O to 19.99 kilohms for testing larger or more complex grounding systems and for difficult testing environments, with ±0.5% accuracy and 0.001 O resolution.

AEMC 6470-B Ground Resistance Tester

Digital, 3-Point, 4-Point: performs grounding resistance, earth coupling measurement, soil resistivity, and bonding tests.

Fluke Ti55FT-20 IR FlexCam Thermal Imager

The Ti55FT-20, an articulating thermal imaging camera offers 320 x 240 resolution with IR-Fusion® Technology – the blending of digital and infrared images into a single image and delivers crisp, quality images, helping you better identify and report issues in hard to reach places.

FLIR T660 Thermal Camera for Predictive Maintenance

The high-performance FLIR T660 helps you find hidden signs of electrical resistance and mechanical wear, so you can begin repairs immediately.

Fluke 1625 Geo Earth Ground Tester

Can perform all four types of earth ground measurement

Fluke 199C-S Color ScopeMeter®

2 Channels, 200 MHz, 2.5 GS/s

AEMC Ground Resistance Test Kit for 4-Point Testing: 4630-2135.36

Test Kit for 4-Point Testing – 300ft: Used with a 4630 ground resistance tester

AEMC Ground Resistance Test Kit for 4-Point Testing: 4620-2135.36

Test Kit for 4-Point Testing – 300ft: Used with a 4620 ground resistance tester

Megger Ferrolux FL 10 Cable Fault Locator

Systematic line and fault location.

Dynatel 2273M Pipe/Cable/Fault Locator

The 3M Dynatel Locator 2273M Series is designed to find the path and estimated depth of buried cables and pipes, and the ability to find underground faults.

Hioki PW3360 Clamp-On Power Logger

Portable Power Logger for Energy Audits and Energy Conservation

Tettex MIDAS Micro 2883 Insulation Diagnosis & Analyzing System

Mobile Insulation Diagnosis & Analyzing System

Doble M4000 Power Factor/Tan-Delta Instrument

Diagnostic test system for power apparatus condition assessment

Megger MPRT8430 Protective Relay Test System

The Megger MPRT8430 is specifically designed to perform routine testing of protective relays used in the operation of electric utilities, power plants and heavy industrials. Other applications include use in government facilities, harbor and airport installations, large building complexes and by testing service companies who are increasingly interested in a highly flexible, easy-to-use relay test instruments that can help them improve their job efficiency.

Megger SMRT36 Relay Test System

The Megger SMRT36 has the "smart" combination of high compliance voltage and high current to test all electromechanical, solid-state and microprocessor-based overcurrent relays, including voltage controlled, voltage restraint and directional overcurrent.

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