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EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) probes are used to monitor high power, radiated fields or to pinpoint susceptible areas in the device under test (DUT).

RF field strength probes and meters are used together to detect the qualities of the electric field a device or system is emitting and can monitor a specific broadband or frequency range. Field strength monitors are receiving tools that can perform signal analysis during frequency interference and EMC testing. Field probes are typically composed of a dipole antenna, a non-perturbing line of transmission, and an RF detector.

Near field probes use frequency-specific, E-field and H-field probes accompanied with an electromagnetic interference (EMI) analyzer to detect electromagnetic emissions and locate vulnerabilities in the DUT. Both of these probes are used together to reveal the source of EMI.

Avalon Test Equipment carries a variety of EMC probes from top manufacturers (Amplifier ResearchNarda, Com-Power, and more)to meet specific testing requirements.

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Keysight/Agilent/HP 54003A Probe Pod

The 54003A is a probe from Keysight/Agilent/HP. Probes can use pulse waveforms to test components without removing them from circuits with in-circuit capabilities

Keysight 54701A Active Probe

The Agilent 54701A 2.5-GHz Active Probe is a probe solution for high-frequency applications. This probe is designed to be powered from a connector at the front of the oscilloscope, or with the 1143A Probe Offset Control and Power Module. It can be used with any measuring instrument with a 50-Ω input.

Com-Power PS-500 Near Field Probe Set

The Com-Power PS-500 Near Field Probe Set is used find the source of EMI radiation from products that fail EMC compliance testing.