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E&I 240L Amplifier

20 kHz–10 MHz, 40W

ENI 411LA, 10W Solid-State RF Amplifier

The Broadband Power Amplifier is a general purpose broadband amplifier capable of more than 10 watts of linear power output when driven by any laboratory signal or sweep generator from 150kHz to 300MHz.

ENI 5100L RF Power Amplifier

A rugged source of RF power, useful for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy and Communications transmitters and general laboratory applications. The 5100L represents E&I's commitment to providing RF power amplifiers of the highest quality, durability and ruggedness, 1.5 MHz -400 MHz, 100 W, 50 dB

ENI A300 RF Power Amplifier

Primarily designed for use in HF transmitters, nuclear accelerators, NMR systems, plasma equipment and RFI / EMI applications. These extraordinarily compact and efficient RF sources will operate reliably under the most extreme environmental conditions without damage or failure, 300 kHz-35 MHz, 300 W, 55 dB A-300