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EN/IEC 61000-4-12

IEC 61000-4-12 is a test standard developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) concerning immunity requirements and test methods for electronic equipment when exposed to ring waves (non-repetitive damped oscillatory transients) arising in low-voltage power control and signal lines that are supplied by public and non-public networks. This standard focuses on electronic equipment being used in operational conditions and real-life circumstances. The purpose of this standard is to create an accepted reference for evaluating the immunity of electronic equipment when exposed to ring waves by defining test level ranges, test equipment, test set-up, and test procedure.

There are two specific phenomena that IEC 61000-4-12 focuses on simulating to test the immunity of electronic equipment. The first being the ring wave (non-repetitive) that occurs at the terminals of equipment due to switching in power and control lines. The second is the effects of a lightning strike near the equipment.

Avalon carries a variety of test equipment from top manufacturers (Haefely, EM Test, and more) to meet IEC 61000-4-12 requirements. Rent or purchase from Avalon and Test With Confidence®.

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Haefely AXOS8 Compact Immunity Test System

Haefely AXOS8 Compact Immunity Test System, 7 kV integrates all of the best features of several stand-alone test systems into one single economic solution. Standards: IEC/EN 61000-4-4, -4-5, -4-9, -4-11, -4-12

Teseq NSG 3060 Conducted Immunity Transient Generator

Mainframe NSG 3060 with CWM 3650, RWM 3652 and FTM 3425 including CDN 3061-C61 and PQM 3403 includes WIN 3000 basic software and traceable calibration certificate.

EM Test UCS 500N5 Multifunctional Test Generator

For Transients (EFT/Burst, Surge, and Power Fail) Up to 5.5KV

EM Test UCS 500N7 Multifunctional Transient Immunity Simulator

The EM Test UCS500N7 Multifunctional Transient Immunity Simulator includes everything necessary to conduct fully compliant tests at levels that go far beyond common test requirements. Surge can be tested up to 7.0kV either according to IEC/EN 61000-4-5 or ANSI/IEEE C62.41. The UCS 500N7 offers an integrated Ringwave module (optional) as per ANSI/IEEE C62.41 and IEC/EN 61000-4-12 for ringwave tests on mains supply lines.

EM Test CNV 504N1 CDN

Series CDN For Unshielded Unsymmetrical Interconnection Lines

Haefely FP-COMB 32 Automatic 3-Phase Coupler for AXOS System

The FP-COMB 32 is a combined automatic three-phase Coupling/Decoupling Network (CDN) for Surge Combination Wave, Ring Wave and EFT/Burst.

EM Test OCS 500N6F Fast Damped Oscillatory Wave Generator

The OCS 500N6F series includes the test capabilities for fast damped oscillatory waves at 3 MHz, 10 MHz and 30 MHz up to 4.4kV and is extendable for slow damped oscillatory waves at 100 kHz / 1 MHz up to 3.0 kV (as per EN/IEC 61000-4-18) and for ringwave up to 6 kV as per EN/IEC 61000-4-12.

M Precision E503 ECAT Ring Wave Module

Produces the ring waves specified by ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Cat. A and B, and various UL standards, including UL 864

EM Test OCS 500N6 Series Oscillatory Wave Simulator

EM Test OCS 500N6 Compact Tester for Ringwave and Damped Oscillatory Waves