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Sunsight Instruments AAT-BASEKIT Antenna Alignment Tool

Model Number: AAT-BASEKIT

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Sunsight Instruments AAT-BASEKIT Antenna Alignment Tool

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  • Sunsight Instruments AAT-BASEKIT Antenna Alignment Tool


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Sunsight Instruments AAT-BASE-KIT Antenna Alignment Tool Kit - Replaced by the AAT-30

The Sunsight AntennAlign Alignment Tool (AAT) utilizes leading-edge techniques to deliver unprecedented performance that helps ensure the integrity of your RF designs are maintained when wireless networks are deployed, installed, and operated. Incorporating a number of exclusive features, the AAT is the most accurate and durable tool on the market, and eliminates costly site re-visits and re-climbs, saving time and money.

The AAT is simple to operate and is available in a variety of mounting options to meet the most challenging antenna configurations. After mounting, the installer adjusts the antenna according to pre-determined specifications until all positions align, then tightens the mounting brackets and presses the “capture” button to store the final alignment specifications, along with other key parameters, such as latitude, longitude, installer, and current date/time. Comprehensive reports can be generated by the AAT for documentation purposes.

Sunsight AntennAlign Alignment Kit includes base kit, Wifi, soft case, laser tape drop, and front mount extension.




  • Azimuth R99: 0.75°
  • Azimuth RMS: 0.3°
  • Tilt/Roll: 0.1°
  • Position: 30cm w/SBAS
  • Altitude With LRF: 30cm (AGL)
  • GPS Receiver: 540 channel
  • Satellite Constellations: GPS and GLONASS


  • Type: LiFePO4
  • Life: 7 to 8hr
  • Charge Time: <3hr
  • Charger: 100 to 240VAC


  • Weight, Unit: 3.7lb; 1.6kg
  • Weight, Mount: 1.2lb; 0.54kg
  • Unit Dimensions: 17x3.8x1.7 inches; 43.2x9.6x4.3cm


  • Op Temp: -40°C to 70°C
  • Storage Temp: -40°C to 85°C
  • Humidity: 95%
  • Communications: 802.11b,g,n
  • Output: PDF, CSV, proprietary encrypted format
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Industry certifications: CE and FCC
Standard Accessories Included
  • AAT Antenna alignment tool
  • Manual
  • Hardcase
  • Software
  • Side and top mounts
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charger
  • Standard accessories
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