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EXFO develops smarter tests, monitoring, and analytics solutions for fixed and mobile network operators, webscale companies, and equipment manufacturers in the global communications industry. Their customers count on our unique blend of equipment, software, and services to accelerate digital transformations related to fiber, 4G/LTE, and 5G deployments. They have spent over 30 years earning this trust, and today more than 1,900 EXFO employees in over 25 countries work side by side with their customers in the lab, field, data center, and beyond.

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EXFO MaxTester 720C Access OTDR

The MaxTester 720C provides first-time-right fiber characterization with its short dead zones and effective dynamic range.

EXFO FTB-1v2/FTB-1 Pro Platform

The FTB-1 allows field technicians to carry out dedicated optical, Ethernet and multiservice test applications simply and efficiently.

EXFO FIP-400-P-DUAL Fiber Inspection Probe

Rugged video inspection probe to detect dirty/damaged connectors with great precision.

EXFO FIP-420B Fiber Inspection Probe

This intelligent and automated test tool transforms fiber inspection into a faster and simplified one-step process providing accurate and consistent test results, and preventing the reporting of false-positive results

EXFO FIP-430B Fiber Inspection Probe

Built to simplify and speed up connector certification, the FIP-430B integrates advanced automated features, such as a high-performance, fiber image-centering system and onboard connector-endface pass/fail analysis based on IEC or custom standards to deliver accurate and consistent connector certification in seconds.

EXFO FTB-720 Single/Multimode, LAN/WAN Access OTDR

EXFO FTB-720: the ideal construction OTDR for everyday field testing in any access network. With an iOLM application for both singlemode and multimode testing, it's the most automated and intelligent troubleshooting tool for FTTA, LAN and data centers.

EXFO MaxTester 715B Last-Mile OTDR

EXFO MaxTester 715B is the entry-level, fully featured, dedicated OTDR with tablet-inspired design perfect for frontline single mode fiber installers.

EXFO SPSB-B-500-9191 Soft Pulse Suppressor

Used in conjunction with an OTDR, the SPSB covers the OTDR's dead zone, enabling loss measurement on the first and last connections of a fiber under test.

EXFO FTB 5GPro - 5G Test Solution for Mobile Networks

The EXFO FTB 5GPro is designed to streamline field operations when deploying 5G frontal, mid haul and backhaul networks.

EXFO MaxTester 940/945 OLTS

The Max-940/945 allows for a 100% automated fiber inspection at both ends of the fiber link.

TK-FF Fiber Finder Kit

The EXFO TK-FF FiberFinder Kit offers LFD-300 Live Fiber Detector and TG-300 Tone Generator, a combo which works as a live fiber identifier, live fiber detector and dark fiber identifier. It is used to pinpoint a specific live fiber without disrupting active traffic or damaging the fiber. The LFD-300 performs ambient light offset prior to fiber bending, which makes it less sensitive to ambient light. An external cap also can be placed on the head-end to block intense ambient light.

EXFO FIP-435B Wireless Fiber Inspection Probe

The EXFO FIP-435B-APC Fiber Inspection Probe features WiFi connectivity, one-step Pass/Fail function, automated focus, triple magnification, auto center and connector end-face analysis (IEC, IPC or custom standards), including MPO/MTP.

EXFO FTB-1 Platform with FTB-720 Module

The FTB-1 Platform is an open testing solution for network infrastructure construction and troubleshooting. This model has built-in intelligence empowers frontline technicians to take field testing efficiency to the next level.

EXFO MaxTester 635G

Copper, xDSL and Gfast test set. Efficient copper characterization to 35 MHz and DSL/Gfast analysis for the installation and maintenance of ultra‑broadband deployments.

EXFO MaxTester 630G

Install and troubleshoot Gfast, VDSL2 and ADSL2+ broadband deployments up to 1 Gbit/s and validate in-home multiplay performance metrics.

EXFO FLS-2600 Tunable Laser Source

High-Performance, Medium-Coherence Tunable Laser Sources

EXFO FLS-140 Visual Fault Locator

Highly efficient pocket-size visual fault locator - the ideal complementary tool for any fiber-testing technician.

EXFO FTB-2/Pro Platform

The FTB-2, available in a standard or Pro model, is the most compact solution on the market for multi-rate, multi-technology, multi-service testing, delivering all the power of a high-end platform in a conveniently sized, go-anywhere field-testing tool.

EXFO Certified Contractor Program

Free online trainings, live online sessions, and in-person workshops

EXFO Optical Explorer Fiber Multimeter

The first optical fiber multimeter (OFM): Instant link verification with embedded fault tracking

EXFO FTB 5GPro All-In-One 4G & 5G Test Solution

Designed to streamline field operations when deploying 4G/LTE and 5G wireless networks.