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Fiber Accessories

Fiber Accessories are essential items in fiber testing to complement fiber inspection tools and can range from cleaning items to adapters.

Fiber optics convert electronic/binary information into optical signals through digital light pulses. The signal moves through a long fiber optic cable until the end of the line where it is converted back into its original electronic/binary form that is readable by computer systems. Optical fiber is made of a thin glass rod that is surrounded by a protective plastic coating. The light that is injected into the core of the glass fiber will follow the physical path through the internal reflection of light. It is necessary to constantly evolve fiber testing processes in order to ensure the integrity of the optical signals stays intact through complex networks.

There are two types of fiber, based on the way light travels through it, multimode and singlemode. Multimode fiber is easier when coupling to other light sources and fiber. It also has a more simplified splicing process and lower cost transmitters. On the other hand, it has a high optic loss and a low bandwidth limit for short distances. Singlemode fiber has a much higher performance in regard to bandwidth and optic loss. Due to the small core size of singlemode fiber, more expensive transmitters and alignment systems are needed. Even with the downside of the more expensive equipment needed when working with singlemode fiber, it remains the best fiber optic solution.

Dust, water, and oil are just a few of the main contaminants that a fiber end-face comes in contact with. These contaminants disrupt the flow of light and can cause network outages. It is essential to use fiber inspection tools and cleaning kits to avoid and resolve these disruptions.

Avalon Test Equipment carries a variety of fiber accessories to help you Test With Confidence®.

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Avalon Fiber Inspection Accessory Kit

Universal Fiber Inspection Accessory Kit

ODM® AC 063B ODC Cable Test Kit

For Sprint NSN 2.5, Sprint Ericsson, T-Mobile Ericsson. Compatible with TTK 500, 650 & 720.

ODM® AC 155B ODC Inspection Kit

For Sprint NSN 2.5, Sprint Ericsson, T-Mobile Ericsson. Compatible with TTK 500, 650 & 720.

ODM® AC 806 MPO Cable Inspection and Test Kit

For Sprint ALU 2.5. Compatible with TTK 500.

ODM® AC 807 MPO Cable Inspection & Test Kit

For Sprint ALU 2.5 – Compatible with TTK 650 & 720

ODM® AC 809 6-Fiber Connector Inspection and Test Kit

For Sprint Samsung 2.5. Compatible with TTK 500, 650 & 720.

ODM® AC 830 Sprint ALU 2.5 Accessory MTP/MPO Cable Set Only

For Spring ALU 2.5. Compatible with TTK 500, 650 & 720.

VIAVI Solutions SmartPocket V2 OLP-35V2 Broadband Power Meter

The VIAVI OLP-3xV2 are a range of broadband power meters (PM) for quick, easy, and convenient measurement of optical power levels and loss in fiber networks.