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Harmonics & Flicker Analyzers

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EM Test DPA 503N 3-Phase Power Analyzer With Harmonics & Flicker

The DPA 503N is used for 3-phase applications but also supports single phase applications.

Teseq ProfLine 2105-208 5 kVA Single Phase Harmonics & Flicker Measuring System

The Teseq ProfLine 2105-208 is an accurate and flexible single phase system designed to measure harmonics & flicker in accordance with IEC 61000-3-2 and IEC 61000-3-3.

EM Test ACS 503N30 AC Voltage Source

The EM Test ACS 503N30 is a three-phase AC sources, specifically designed for harmonics and flicker testing.

EM Test AIF 503N32.1 3-Phase Flicker Impedance Network

EM Test AIF 503N32.1 is a three-phase flicker impedance with a nominal current from 16A up to 75A per phase offering two different impedance values

Kikusui KHA3000 Harmonic/Flicker Analyzer

Equipped for the harmonic and flicker compliance test exceeding 16A of the single-phase and three-phase equipment.

Kikusui KHA1000 Harmonic/Flicker Analyzer

300 Vrms / 560 Vpeak (CAT I), 250 Vrms (CAT II)