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IFI Pulsed Amplifiers (HIRF)

High-Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF), is a strong radio frequency (RF) energy that can significantly influence electronic and digital systems on aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires certification standards to protect these systems from HIRF and prevent malfunctions. These standards require HIRF testing and protection to ensure all electrical systems will work properly in the case of any interference while in flight. External radiators such as radars and broadcasting and transmitters within aircraft are common sources of HIRF.

It is essential to test the susceptibility of aircraft and its system's safety to determine how it will be affected by HIRF. HIRF amplifiers are able to replicate the energy levels generated by high power radars to test the aircraft equipment's electromagnetic immunity (EMI).

Pulse Amplifiers and CW (Continuous Wave) Amplifiers are used to help with HIRF testing. A Pulse Amplifier is designed to amplify electric pulses without changing their waveforms and can simulate interference signals to assure proper operation while in use during real conditions. Where a CW Amplifier is designed to boost signals and can be used for consistent RF strength. RF power meters, EMC antennas, and field strength monitors and probes are also used in testing HIRF. RF power meters and sensors are used to measure the amplifier's output power during HIRF testing. EMC antennas are used during HIRF testing to produce radio waves and microwaves to create the electromagnetic field. Field strength monitors and probes are crucial in monitoring RF electromagnetic field strength while testing for HIRF.

Avalon carries all equipment needed for HIRF testing. Select your amplifier for your specific requirements and rent with Avalon so you can Test With Confidence®.

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