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Junkosha was established in 1954 as a manufacturer of tubes for electrical insulation. Theypioneered the molding of polyvinyl chloride(PVC) and this technique was quite rare at that time. However, having realized the limitation for satisfying customer demand by conventional polymers, Junkosha started focusing on a fluorocarbon polymer known as “FEP100X” in 1961.Then they succeeded in mass-production of this material for the first time in Japan. Inspired by this success, Junkosha started positively aggressively to develop wires, cables, tubes, films, molded products, and other basic products using fluorocarbon polymers. These efforts laid the foundations of the today’s Junkosha. Since then, they have been tackling various technological challenges in polymer science field and they have been continuing to develop a wide range of applications based on polymer molding, polymer compounding, and reforming technologies. As industry continues to advance, they have been able to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of their customers. Their products and technologies have been contributing to develop Japanese industry through a wide range of applications, including computers, satellites, precision machinery, robotics, medical devices, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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