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Kaelus iTA-7719A Portable Twinband Passive Intermodulation Analyzer

Model Number: iTA-7719A

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Kaelus iTA-7719A Portable Twinband Passive Intermodulation Analyzer

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  • Kaelus iTA-7719A Portable Twinband Passive Intermodulation Analyzer


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Kaelus iTA-7719A Portable Twinband Passive Intermodulation Analyzer

The iTA Series Passive Intermodulation (PIM) analyzer is the first multi-band battery powered PIM Test Analyzer versatile enough to support multiple test scenarios such as testing at the top of the tower, base of tower, roof top and in-building for DAS systems. This IEC compliant 20W, rugged, battery operated design includes a tablet computer in a ruggedized case for remote control. This allows hands-free dynamic testing that is safe and convenient. Add the optional Range to Fault (RTF) module to quickly identify the location of PIM and Return Loss sources.

Evolved from a design legacy of field proven analyzers, this PIM Analyzer enables network operators to improve site performance by finding and eliminating sources of passive intermodulation at the cell site. An intuitive touch screen interface is also available for local control, performing tests and quickly generating site reports.


  • Multi cellular band testing in one instrument
  • Fully configurable frequencies, powers, and IM products
  • 7-inch tablet computer included for remote control of device
  • Simple to operate touch screen interface
  • Extensive combined band reporting capabilities
  • Spectrum monitor, frequency sweep, and time trace modes
  • RTF compatible
  • Battery powered

Range to Fault (RTF) Modules

Range To Fault is an exciting new technology from Kaelus that enables operators to accurately measure the location of PIM and Return Loss faults in their RF infrastructure. Reflection data together with PIM data provides an unmatched level of clarity for identifying the location of faults in the RF path. The RTF system consists of an RTF Module, interconnecting cables, and a Kaelus RTF-Enabled PIM test instrument.

  • RTF-1000A: 698 to 960MHz
  • RTF-2000A: 1710 to 2170MHz
Test Standards
  •  AT&T
  •   PIM Testing
  •   Verizon


  • Measurement method: Reverse (reflected) PIM, 3rd & 5th order. (7th & 9th order in applicable bands)
  • Residual PIM: <-117dBm/-160dBc max (<-125dBm/-168dBc typ)
  • Interface ports: 2x RF output (7-16 DIN female), 1x USB 2.0 Host, 1x USB 2.0 Slave, 1x SD, 2x monitor port (SMB female), 1x SMA-RP (Wi-Fi external antenna)
  • User interface: Local, touch screen display 4.3in (109mm); Remote, tablet computer (included) or any Wi-Fi enabled user device with Web browser
  • Return loss alarm: Automatic detection and shut down when high RL is detected


  • Transmit frequencies: See below
  • Frequency increment: 100kHz
  • Frequency accuracy: ±5ppm (max), aging ±1ppm (max) after first year
  • Power per tone (adjustable): +0.1 to 20W (+20 to +43dBm in 1dB increments)
  • Power accuracy (per tone): ±0.5dB (max)


  • Receive band (100kHz steps): See below
  • Measurement noise floor: <-128dBm
  • Measurement range: -50dBm to -128dBm


  • 700MHz LOW/HIGH
  • PCS
  • AWS

TX1 Range

  • 700MHz LOW/HIGH: 728 to 731.5MHz
  • PCS: 1930 to 1950MHz
  • AWS: 1930 to 1950MHz

TX2 Range

  • 700MHz LOW/HIGH: 741 to 764MHz
  • PCS: 1825 to 1880MHz
  • AWS: 2110 to 2155MHz

RX Range (PIM)

  • 700MHz LOW/HIGH: 698 to 716MHz; 776 to 802MHz
  • PCS: 1850 to 1910MHz
  • AWS: 1710 to 1755MHz

Compatible RTF Module

  • RTF-1000A
  • RTF-2000A
Standard Accessories Included
  • Manuals
  • Standard test leads and connectors
  • FTablet computer
  • Battery pack
  • AC adaptor/battery charger
  • Carrying case
  • All standard accessories

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