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Kikusui PLZ150W Electronic Load

Kikusui PLZ150W Electronic Load, 150 Watts. The Kikusui PLZ150W, Programmable Electronic Load, is ideal for the test and evaluation of DC Power Components. The Kikusui PLZ150W, Programmable Electronic Load, can be operated in constant resistance modes.

PLZ152W DC Electronic Load; 300 W

Kikusui PLZ152W DC Electronic Load, 300 W. The Model PLZ152W Electronic Load is highly versatile floating load which may be operated in either Constant Current or Constant Resistance modes.

Kikusui PLZ300W Electronic Load

Kikusui PLZ300W Electronic Load; 300 W, 60 V, 60 A

Kikusui PLZ303W DC Electronic Load

The PLZ303W DC Electronic Load; 1.5 to 120 V, 0 to 60 A, 300 W is composed of system electronic loads used either in characteristic or lifetime tests of a variety of DC voltage sources such as switching power supplies and primary and secondary batteries, or as burn in loads.

PLZ700W Electronic Load

Kikusui PLZ700W Electronic Load; 700 W

TOS8750 Electrical Safety Tester

Kikusui TOS8750 Electrical Safety Tester 5kV

Kikusui KHA3000 Harmonic/Flicker Analyzer

Equipped for the harmonic and flicker compliance test exceeding 16A of the single-phase and three-phase equipment.

Kikusui KHA1000 Harmonic/Flicker Analyzer

300 Vrms / 560 Vpeak (CAT I), 250 Vrms (CAT II)