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Lightning Surge Generators

Lightning surge generators are used for lightning simulation testing. A substantial amount of test standards require indirect lightning tests on components that are going to be installed in commercial avionics, automotive, and military industries. These tests need to be completed on components, products, devices, and vehicles to meet immunity test standards. RTCA/DO-160 and MIL-STD-461 require both single stroke and multiple stroke lightning surge simulators.

Avalon Test Equipment carries lightning surge generators to meet standard requirements. Contact us with questions or for a particular test setup.

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Lightning Surge Generator Tests

  • There are 5 test applications referenced from MIL-STD-461G
    • Multiple Stroke –Waveforms 1 and 2. Applicable to all aircraft
    • Multiple Stroke – Waveform 3, (apply at both 1 and 10 MHz) Applicable to all aircraft.
    • Multiple Stroke – Waveform 4 and 5. Applicable to aircraft with composite skin/structure. Not applicable to an all-metal skin/structure aircraft.
    • Multiple Burst –Waveform 3, (apply at both 1 and 10 MHz).
    • Multiple Burst –Waveform 6. Applicable to low impedance bundles only.
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M Precision Lightning Test System Level 5 Mainframe

There are 6 different lightning waveforms that can be produced with this system for the study and testing of lightning-induced transient susceptibility