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CPRI/BBU Emulation Complete Contractor Package for Verizon/Nokia Mountain West Market

Model Number: TB5800-CPRI-RF-MAC

CPRI/BBU Emulation Complete Contractor Package for Verizon/Nokia Mountain West Market

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The Mobility CPRI Complete Package includes:

  • CPRI rate 1-8 with optics
  • BBU Emulation
  • 1310/1550 OTDR
  • USB Power Meter
  • P5000i Inspection Scope

The T-BERD®/MTS-5800 handheld network tester is the one tool that network technicians and engineers need to install, turn-up, and maintain their networks. It supports both the legacy and emerging technologies required to handle various network applications including metro/core, mobile backhaul, and business services installations. The industry’s smallest handheld instrument can test throughout the service life cycle, including fiber characterization, service activation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Advanced Ethernet test features such as TrueSpeed per RFC 6349, J-Profiler™, Wirespeed capture/decode, and automated J-Mentor, help field technicians test their networks faster and more accurately than ever before.

Viavi helps technicians navigate the next evolution in cell site testing by delivering solutions which identify quality issues and the time needed to install cell sites. These advancements help technicians increase work speed by automating test tasks annd result interpretation through the CPRI Check Tool, allowing them to deliver a cell site faster and with less drama.

One of the best ways to ensure the job is done right the first time while also reducing truck rolls, is to incorporate base band unit (BBU) emulation. Often, a BBU is not present at a tower during installation to test its integration with the antenna and Remote Radio Head (RRH). For cell tower installers to ensure that all tower components and connections are in working order before they leave, they need to emulate a BBU transmission and RRH communication without requiring an actual BBU in the network.


Test Standards
  •  Verizon
  •   Verizon Testing
  • All test interfaces are readily available
  • Compact form factor for easy portability: 7x9.5x3in (17.8x24.1x7.62cm)
  • Large 7-inch multi-touch display
  • Tablet-like interface for easy navigation through test information and advanced workflows
  • Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth lets you easily connect test sets and offload results
  • Fixed test interfaces eliminate loose pluggable modules
  • LEDs indicate plug-ins for tests
  • A streamlined user interface provides simple pass/fail, green/red results
  • Extended battery life enables longer test times
  • Boots up rapidly from power-on to test start
  • Dual-port operation runs two tests simultaneously, including 10 G/high-speed test
  • Network discovery automatically identifies equipment present on the network
  • J-Profiler discovers live traffic streams for real-time troubleshooting with in-service top-talkers analysis
  • Integrated capture/decode offers 10 G line-rate packet capture and analysis in a handheld
  • J-Mentor provides expert troubleshooting guidance and interprets packet decode

Cell-Site Capabilities

  • When equipped with an OTDR module, the T-BERD/MTS-5800 is the perfect solution for mobile network testing, providing easy fibre link characterization and troubleshooting.
  • Validate C-RAN connectivity across CWDM networks
  • Test RRH health from the bottom of the tower by emulating a BBU
  • Gain crucial visibility into system health with monitoring and inline access
  • Verify network synchronization: Emulate a 1588v2 master clock/slave recovery for proper point-to-point (PTP) message propagation and packet-delay variation (PDV) verification
  • Verify SyncE frequency synchronization accuracy and Ethernet synchronization message channel (ESMC) message propagation
  • Measure wander on SyncE, 1PPS, T1, E1, and 2 and 10MHz signals
Standard Accessories Included
  • T-BERD unit cable up to 10G with soft case
  • SFP+Optics all rates CPRI and GE at 1310 nm
  • All CPRI rates - options 1 - 8 (10.1 Gbps)
  • RFoCPRI (RF over CPRI) spectrum analysis option
  • CPRI Check
  • Job Manager
  • BBU Emulation
  • OTDR 1310 nm and 1550 nm OTDR Module.
  • P5000i fiber inspection probe with automated pass/fail results, including tips.
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