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PIM Shield Threaded Rod Kit

Passive Intermodulation (PIM) arises when there are two or more signals present in a passive non-linear device. Interference caused by PIM decreases a cell's receive sensitivity and can block phone calls completely. Consequently, PIM is a serious issue for cellular providers because it decreases reliability, data rate, and capacity of their networks. The cell creating the interference can also affect nearby receivers. It can be very challenging to find the source of PIM because it can be caused by internal factors (damaged or loose cables, dirty connectors, etc.) as well as external factors (fences, metal-to-metal contact, rusty bolts, etc.). An on-site PIM test is a measure of linearity and construction quality that needs to be done at or above the original transmitter power levels in order to ensure the test exposes PIM issues. PIM testing in conjunction with line sweeping is an important method for carriers to assure maximum network potential. The PIM test measures system linearity, while sweep testing addresses a return loss measurement that detects impedance.

PIM Shield Threaded Rod Kits provide a low PIM mounting system to secure cables in high-risk PIM zones. Stainless-steel threaded rod kits should only be attached to stainless-steel brackets or Channel Runners to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Purchase PIM Shield threaded rod kits from Avalon Test Equipment and Test With Confidence®.

Do you need to be trained on PIM or sweep? We have classes for PIM fundamentalsexternal PIM, and sweep fundamentals.

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