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Teledyne LeCroy PP020-1 Passive Probe for WaveSurfer 3000

Model Number: PP020-1

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Teledyne LeCroy LogicStudio 16 Logic Analyzer

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  • Teledyne LeCroy LogicStudio 16 Logic Analyzer


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PP020-1 500 MHz Passive Probe for WaveSurfer 3000, 10:1, 10 Mohm

Passive probes are the standard probe provided with most oscilloscopes. Typical passive probes provide a 10:1 attenuation and feature a high input resistance of 10 MΩ. This high input resistance means that passive probes are the ideal tool for low frequency signals since circuit loading at these frequencies is minimized. Passive probes are designed to handle voltages of at least 400V, some as high as 600V. Teledyne LeCroy passive probes feature an attenuation sense pin which tells the oscilloscope to scale the waveforms automatically requiring no user input.

Each passive probe is recommended for a certain oscilloscope, using the right passive probe with the right oscilloscope means that the probe will be properly compensated across the entire bandwidth. Using probes with a different oscilloscope will only let you compensate for low frequencies.

Test Standards
  • Attentuation Ratio: 10:1 ± 1%
  • Max. Input Voltage: Measurement Category I: 500 Vrms CAT I 1500 V transient overvoltage, Measurement Category II: 400 Vrms CAT II
  • B/W: 500 MHz
  • Rise TImeL 0.7 ns
  • Length: 1.2m
  • Compensation Range: 8-20pF
Standard Accessories Included
  • Sprung Hook
  • GND Lead w/ Alligator Clip
  • BNC Adapter
  • Replacement Tip
  • Deluxe Trimmer Tool
  • IC TIp Insulator
  • Identifier Rings
  • Probe Tips GND

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