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Teledyne LeCroy PPE5KV High-Voltage Probe

Model Number: PPE5KV

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Teledyne LeCroy PPE5KV High-Voltage Probe

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PPE5KV 100:1 400 MHz 50 MOhms High-Voltage Probe

The PPE series of probes are suitable for a wide range of applications where high-voltage measurements must be made safely and accurately. There are five fixed-attenuation probes covering a range from 2 kV to 20 kV, and one switchable probe providing ÷10/÷100 attenuation for voltage inputs up to 1.2 kV.

New technology which utilizes hybrid circuitry (and switch reading for probes with switchable gain/attenuation) minimizes ringing and overshoot to provide a precise response.

All fixed-attenuation, standard probes automatically re-scale any Teledyne LeCroy 9300C or LC series oscilloscope for the appropriate attenuation factor of the probe.

Test Standards
  • System attenuation: 100:1
  • System input resistance: 50 MΩ
  • Input capacitance: < 6 pF
  • Compensation range: 10 pF to 50 pF
  • System BW (-3 dB): 400 MHz typical
  • Max. non-destructive input voltage: 5 kV See voltage derating curve
  • Standard Accessories Included
    • Trimming Tool
    • Sprung Hook
    • IC Insulating Tip
    • Insulating Tip
    • Grounded Head (22cm)
    • BNC Adapter
    • Straight Tip (0.8mm)
    • Spring Contact Tip (0.8mm)
    • Crocodile Tip
    • Flexible 4 mm Security Adapter
    • Security Ground Lead

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