Avalon maintains a large rental inventory to give our customers the turnaround to get your project moving forward. Perfect for that short-term project, renting Avalon test equipment can save you money and time, something we all could use more of.

Rentals are available by the day, week, month or yearly. Our lab uses state-of-the-art equipment to maintain our rental instruments to ensure that they are ready to go when you call.

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Benefits of Renting

  • Avoid capital expenditure
    Our rental rates are a small fraction of purchase price.
  • Control rental duration
    Get what you need and keep it as long as you need it. You can return it at any time without penalty.
  • Expert technical support
    Our tech-savvy staff helps you select equipment appropriate to your needs.
  • Equipment comes with an ISO-certified calibration
    If equipment calibration expires while on rent, we calibrate it at no expense to you.
  • Eliminates using obsolete equipment
    Since technology develops at a rapid pace, you eliminate the risk of using outdated equipment.
  • Maintenance costs
    It is our job to maintain the equipment.
  • Tax advantages
    Rental inventory is tax deductible for your company.