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Keysight E5052B SSA Signal Source Analyzer

10 MHz–7 GHz, 26.5 GHz, or 110 GHz

Teseq ITS 6006B Test System

The ITS 6006 consist of an integrated RF signal generator, RF switch and EUT monitoring interfaces. The unit is designed for various radiated EMC applications in the 80 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range. In addition to the generator, the system includes the AM and PM modulators necessary for EMC testing. The second generation, called ITS 6006B, includes 3 freely configurable pulse modulators (1 µs to 200 s) for radar pulse profiles as required e.g. by Ford FMC1278 or VW TL81000. The RF signal can be switched to one of four outputs, where up to four power amplifiers can be connected directly. Two RF switches are supplied for combining four amplifier into two antenna paths.

Voltech PM3000 ACE Universal Power Analyzer

The PM3000ACE offers power measurement professionals an unrivalled combination of versatility and accuracy.

Fluke 434 3-Phase Power Quality Analyzer

The Fluke 434 Series II Energy Analyzer is the ideal tool for energy logging. Utilizing the new Energy Loss Calculator function, the 434 II measures the fiscal cost of energy wasted due to poor power quality.

Keysight N8975B Noise Figure Analyzer

Multi-touch, 10 MHz–26.5 GHz

Keysight E4419B EPM Series Dual-Channel Power Meter

Battery Operated, 9 kHz to 110 GHz, –70 dBm to +44 dBm

Keysight/Agilent 8481A Power Sensor

Thermocouple Power Sensor, 10 MHz–18 GHz

Keysight/Agilent/HP 8484A Power Sensor

Power Sensor, 10 MHz -18 GHz

Keysight/Agilent 8487D Diode Power Sensor

The 8487D Diode Power Sensor measures average power over the frequency range 50 MHz to 50 GHz and power range -70 to -20 dBm (50 dB dynamic range)

Keysight 81630B High Power Optical Sensor

High Power Optical Sensor Module, 28dBm

Holzworth HA7062D Phase Noise Analyzer

The real time engine covers the full measurement bandwidth with extremely fast measurement speeds to reduce product development time and optimizes ATE manufacturing throughput.