Avalon Test Equipment & 3PC operate a fully anechoic chamber for antenna testing, measurement and qualification. The test chamber measures 24' x 12' x 12' and is constructed with steel-clad panels that deliver 100 dB shielding (1 MHz to 40 GHz) to control ambient RF emissions.

A suite of test and measurement equipment outside of the chamber allows test engineers and technicians to take extremely detailed measurements of antennas. These measurements include antenna azimuth and elevation pattern measurements, gain measurements, impedance, VSWR, axial ratio, and other relevant parameters that are specific to certain antenna types, applications, or test scenarios.

The interior of the chamber is covered in a field of MVG AEP-18 18" length RF/microwave radiation absorbent foam (500 MHz to 18 GHz), with the spectral regions in the center of the room covered in MVG AEP-24 24" length RF/microwave radiation absorbent foam (20 MHz to 18 GHz). This pyramid-shaped foam absorbs electromagnetic waves and keeps reflections from influencing the antenna measurement results.

The dual axis high-resolution antenna mount pedestal is part of the test chamber's Diamond Engineering DAMS6000 antenna measurement system, giving the test operator precise control over the azimuth (horizontal) and elevation (vertical) orientation of the antenna under test during the measurement process. This test system is controlled remotely by the test operator outside of the chamber.

On the back interior wall of the test chamber is the removable antenna mount, allowing for different antennas to be placed in the chamber depending on what frequency range is being used in the tests. The chamber can be configured for both transmit or receive antenna testing. Pictured below is the ETS Lindgren 3164-06 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn receive antenna, which covers a frequency range of 300 MHz to 6 GHz:

Located outside the entry door of the test chamber, the operator station provides a central location for the test engineer or technician to perform testing. This test equipment includes a Keysight/Agilent Vector Network Analyzer, the DAMS 6000 automated antenna measurement system, and an HD camera to view antenna position during testing:

Complete test chamber equipment profile:

  1. Agilent E8362B Vector Network Analyzer - 10MHz to 20GHz, ideal for high frequency, high-performance testing
  2. Diamond Engineering DAMS 6000 Antenna Measurement System - mechanical control and software suite for antenna measurement, DC - 18 GHz frequency coverage
  3. ETS-Lindgern 3164-06 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn Receive Antenna - frequency range coverage of 300 MHz - 6 GHz, two orthogonally placed input feeds allow this antenna to generate both linear and circular polarized measurements

Click Here To View Measurement Output Samples From The DAMS 6000 Software

Our engineers provide accurate and repeatable tests for military and aerospace requirements including RTCA DO-160 & MIL-STD-461. Testing is done in-house and our immunity test plane features the Thermo Scientific Lightning Test Systems, testing all waveforms to level 5.

Test Equipment Profile:

  1. Thermo Scientific F-LTS-5 Lightning Test System Level 5 Mainframe/Controller - modular test platform, which tests to the lightning simulator requirements of RTCA DO-160, Section 22
  2. Teledyne LeCroy WAVESURFER 104MXS-B Oscilloscope - high performance oscilloscope with powerful waveform processing

Click Here To View Our MIL-STD-461 & RTCA DO-160 Test Capabilities Chart

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