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Strip Line

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Teseq Strip Line 90 Ω

90 Ω DC–1000 MHz

Teseq TPL 3000 Tri-Plate Line

The Tri-Plate test method is specified in the surface vehicle standard SAE J1113-25 ”Electromagnetic Compatibility Measurement Procedure for Vehicle Components-Immunity to Radiated Electromagnetic Fields, 10 kHz to 1 GHz” and applicable for testing products such as air-bag control modules, engine and transmission control modules and other subsystems and their associated cables.

Teseq SL 150 Strip Line

Teseq SL 150 Strip Line 150 Ω

Teseq SL 50 Strip Line

The transversal electromagnetic mode which can be developped in the SL 50 strip line, provides the opportunity for doing EMC testing inside the strip line. The geometrical dimensions having a line impedance of Z = 50 Ω. At the end is required a 50 Ω termination.