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Sweep Accessories

Sweep testing verifies system integration and antenna performance. It can also test the characteristics of a device across a range of frequencies. This convenient test demonstrates if an installation meets the required performance specifications.

Sweep testing is completed with two standard tests – return loss and insertion loss. Return loss measures the power transfer efficiency of the antenna at the cell site. The power that is returned needs to be lower, otherwise, the transmitter can be damaged. The insertion loss measures the amount of signal loss through a coaxial system. Line sweeping measures the signal losses and reflections of the transmission system and is important to be performed before PIM testing. It is important to perform a line sweep test before PIM testing to ensure the insertion loss and return loss data are at acceptable levels. This, in turn, assures that the PIM test signals actually reach the components at the highest possible signal level, offering a more accurate indicator of PIM performance.

Avalon Test Equipment carries a variety of sweep accessories to complement your sweep gear so you can Test With Confidence®.

Avalon has Anritsu site masters in stock and ready to ship. We also offer Sweep Fundamentals Training that will prepare your crews for testing.

Request an RMA for calibration with a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround!

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Anritsu OSLNF50-1 Precision Open/Short/Load

Precision Open Short Load, N(m), 4GHz, 42dB

Avalon 3 GHz OSL

Open/Short/Load, N(M), 3 GHz

Avalon 4 GHz OSL

N-Type Open/Short/Load, 4 GHz

Avalon 4.1/9.5 Connector Kit

160 dBc For Sprint Testing.

Avalon 8 GHz OSL

Open/Short/Load, DC to 8 GHz

Avalon Open/Short/Load

4 GHz. Used on the test port of handheld instruments to establish a reference for accurate measurement.

Avalon 2.2-5/N Connector Kit

The 2.2-5 series are newly developed RF connectors in a downsized design to meet the tight space conditions of small cells in mobile applications.