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Tektronix designs and manufactures test and measurement solutions to break through the walls of complexity, and accelerate global innovation. They empower engineers to create and realize technological advances with ever greater ease, speed, and accuracy. Tektronix solutions have supported many of humankind’s greatest advances over the past 70 years. Health. Communication. Mobility. Space. With offices in 21 countries, they are committed to scientists, engineers, and technicians around the world who will define the future.

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Tektronix DPO4054 Digital Oscilloscope, 4 Channels, 500 MHz

The DPO4054 is a 500 MHz, 4 Channel digital oscilloscope from Tektronix. Digital oscilloscopes make use of binary numbers that correspond to samples of the electronic equipment’s voltage.

Tektronix MDO3104 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

(4) 1 GHz analog channels and (1) 1 GHz spectrum analyzer input

Tektronix MDO4054C Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

500 MHz Analog Bandwidth, Spectrum Analyzer up to 6 GHz

MCA3027 Microwave Analyzer

Tektronix MCA3027 Microwave Analyzer; 27 GHz, 100 ps, 12 digit

FCA3020 Frequency Counter

Tektronix FCA3020 Frequency Counter; 20 GHz, 100 ps, 12 digit

Tektronix FCA3000 Frequency Counter

Tektronix FCA3000 Frequency Counter; 300 MHz, 100 ps, 12 digit

Tektronix MCA3040 Microwave/Counter Analyzer & Power Meter

Tektronix MCA3040 Microwave/Counter Analyzer & Power Meter, 40 GHz

Tektronix MSO64 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

6 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope; (4) FlexChannels with 62.5M record length

Tektronix TCPA300A Current Probe

DC - 100 MHz, Current Probe Amplifier

Tektronix AM503S Current Probe

Consists of an AM 503/A Current Probe Amplifier, an A6302 Current Probe, and a TM 502A Power Module.

Tektronix MSO46 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

200 MHz to 1.5 GHz, 6 FlexChannel® inputs