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4.3/10 200W 4x Load Kit

Comes with: PLano 3340-10 Plastic Case, Qty 2 Low PIM Adapter, 4.3/10(m) - 4.3/10(f) [Connector Saver], Qty 8 Low PIM 4.3-10(m-m); 1/2” Superflex Cable; 5ft, Qty 4 Torque Wrench, Fixed, 22mm HEad, 8 NM (5.9FT-LB) Low PIM Termination, 200W, 4.3/10(f), 600-2700MHz, Qty 4 Cleaning Tool, Qty. 10 100 Isopropyl Alcohol Towelette Pelican 1560 Hard Case

Anritsu MW82119B 700 MHz PIM Master

Battery-operated, High Power Portable, Passive Intermodulation Analyzer with optional Cable and Antenna Analyzer

Kaelus iPA 700 MHz PIM Analyzer

Kaelus iPA-707A Passive Intermodulation Analyzer

VIAVI Solutions RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool

Purchase a NEW RF Vision for $6400

Anritsu MW82119B 600 MHz PIM Master®

PIM Master MW82119B Battery-operated, High Power Portable, Passive Intermodulation Analyzer with optional Cable and Antenna Analyzer

EXFO FTB 5GPro All-In-One 4G & 5G Test Solution

Designed to streamline field operations when deploying 4G/LTE and 5G wireless networks.

Kaelus iXA Low/High Band 700 MHz Portable PIM Analyzer

Avalon guarantees 24-hour turnaround for all Kaelus PIM analyzer calibrations!

VIAVI Solutions OneAdvisor 800

The VIAVI OneAdvisor 800 has been elegantly designed to verify and troubleshoot radio access networks of all types, from private 5G networks, to land mobile radio networks, to legacy networks still providing great service. The OneAdvisor 800 leverages multi-functional architecture, covering different test applications, scaling, and adapting to many different user groups,

VIAVI Solutions Fiber Installer Kit

Includes the P5000i Digital Fiber Microscope, OLTS-85 Optical Loss Test Set, and Visual Fault Locator

VIAVI Solutions FiberChek Probe Microscope with Four Tips

The essential fiber tool for every technician – The "all-in-one" handheld solution for fiber inspection

Anritsu S331L Site Master Cable & Antenna Analyzer

2.0MHz to 4.0GHz Cable & Antenna Analyzer, 50MHz to 4.0GHz Power Meter. Sweep Gear. Sweep Tools.

VIAVI Solutions T-BERD 5800 Handheld Network Tester – Contractor Package

The configurable T-BERD 5800 is the industry's smallest dual 10 G handheld instrument for Ethernet, SONET, SDH, OTN, Fiber Channel, and CPRI/OBSAI testing. BBU Emulation.

Anritsu MT9083A2 OTDR ACCESS Master

Delivers full featured OTDR performance plus loss test set and quality of service measurement in a surprisingly small and lightweight package. At only 28.4cm wide x 20cm tall x 7.7cm deep and 2.6kg (5.7lbs.), it is field portable, yet rugged enough to withstand the outside plant environment. When equipped with power meter and visual light source options, it replaces several, larger pieces of test equipment.

Anritsu MT9085A OTDR ACCESS Master

An all-in-one tester for optical pulse tests, optical loss/power measurements, and optical fiber end-face inspections.

Avalon Anritsu PIM Accessory Kit

Backpack Accessory Kit for Anritsu PIM Masters™

Avalon Fiber Inspection Accessory Kit

Universal Fiber Inspection Accessory Kit

Avalon Kaelus PIM Accessory Kit

Backpack Accessory Kit for Kaelus PIM Analyzers

ODM® TTK 720 Compact SM Loopback Test & Inspection Kit

The ODM TTK 720 kit provides test technicians and contractors with an all-in-one solution to their fiber optic testing needs.

VIAVI Solutions SmartOTDR Handheld Fiber Tester

The lightweight and compact SmartOTDR Handheld Fiber Tester speeds and optimizes field testing of metro and access networks—with a tailored OTDR interface and automatic analysis that any technician can understand.

ConcealFab® PIM Tape

PIM Shield™ tape is a rapidly deployable RF barrier able to bond to a wide variety of surfaces including metals, single ply roofing, multiply roofing, concrete, brick, and wood.

EXFO MaxTester 720C Access OTDR

The MaxTester 720C provides first-time-right fiber characterization with its short dead zones and effective dynamic range.

Fluke DSX2-5000 Cable Analyzer

Versiv 2 CableAnalyzer Copper Certifier with Integrated Wi-Fi

JMA Wireless Compression Tool Kit, Corrugated, 50 Ohm, COMPLETE

JMA Wireless Complete Compression Tool Kit, 1/2", 7/8", 1-5/8" Connectors

JMA Wireless Half Compression Tool Kit

JMA Tool Kit, for 1/2″ corrugated connectors, 50 OHM


The EME Guard XS is an EMF measuring device to alert workers near antennas. Quantity discounts are available. 80 MHz–6 GHz/


EME Guard XS 40 GHz is an RF safety tool that continuously scans for electromagnetic waves and alerts the user when acceptable limits have been exceeded. Purchase from Avalon Test Equipment. Test with confidence®.

Kaelus iPA 600 MHz PIM Analyzer

Kaelus iPA 600 MHz Passive Intermodulation Analyzer. The iPA Series Passive Intermodulation analyzer is the first battery-powered PIM Test Analyzer versatile enough to support multiple test scenarios such as testing at the top of the tower, base of the tower, rooftop, and in-building for DAS systems. PIM Gear

VIAVI Solutions T-BERD 5800 Handheld Network Tester- QUADC

The configurable T-BERD 5800 is the industry's smallest dual 10 G handheld instrument for Ethernet, SONET, SDH, OTN, Fiber Channel, and CPRI/OBSAI testing. BBU Emulation.


Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with Bluetooth®

ConcealFab® PIM Blanket

ConcealFab’s PIM blankets are temporary RF barriers that can be deployed to help isolate sources of Passive intermodulation (PIM).

Fluke Networks Versiv DSX-8000 Cable Analyzer

The DSX CableAnalyzer Series copper cable certifiers enables testing and certification of twisted pair cabling for up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet deployments and will handle any cabling system whether it is a Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 8 or Class FA and I/II.

Fujikura 70R Fusion Splicer

A fully ruggedized fusion splicer for ribbon optical fiber. The new design streamlines the steps required to complete splices, resulting in greater productivity.

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