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Teledyne Lecroy CA10 ProBus Current Adapter - QUADPAK

Model Number: CA10-QUADPAK

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Teledyne Lecroy CA10 ProBus Current Adapter - QUADPAK

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Teledyne Lecroy CA10 ProBus Current Adapter - QUADPAK

The CA10 Current Sensor Adapter provides the ability for a third-party current measurement device to operate like a Teledyne LeCroy probe. The CA10 is programmable and customizable to work with third-party current measurement devices that output voltage or current signals proportional to measured current. A simple interface provides a user with the ability to program the CA10 to contain the specifications of the current measurement device so as to automatically correct for the gain or attenuation and display results in Ampere units. This allows the third party device to be recognized and operate as if it were a Teledyne LeCroy probe. Examples of 3rd party devices that can be used include Pearson Current Transformers, Danisense Current Transducers, and PEM-UK Rogowski Coils.

The CA10 provides an easy to use alternative to expensive current probes. Customers may already have current sensing devices and don’t want spend thousands of dollars on new current probes. This especially is important for MDA customers who are measuring three phase systems and will require multiple current sensors. Although many of these third party current sensors are less expensive, it is important to note that many of them do not have as wide of bandwidth and do not measure all the way down to DC like our current probes do. As a result, this solution is not a direct replacement for our current probes, but an alternative for customers that do not value the wide bandwidth and/or DC current measurements.

  • Input Coupling: DC, AC, Both
  • Input Termination: 1MΩ or 50Ω
  • Programmable Bandwidth Filters: Full, 200 MHz, 20 MHz
  • Transformer/Transducer Interface: BNC
  • Scaling Factors: Programmable
  • Resistive Termination: (if required) Customizable (see Customizing the CA10 figure above)
  • Oscilloscope Interface: Teledyne LeCroy ProBus
Standard Accessories Included
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Heat-shrink tubing (6" length)
  • Removable labels (sheet of 20)
  • Carrying Case

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