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Teledyne LeCroy HVD3106 High Voltage Differential Probe

Model Number: HVD3106

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Teledyne LeCroy HVD3106 High Voltage Differential Probe

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HVD3106 High Voltage Differential Probe, 1 kV, 120 MHz

The HVD3106 high voltage differential probe covers a wide range of applications, from 120/240 V switch-mode power supplies through 600 V class electrical apparatus. It is the only 1 kV safety rated probe that serves the full 600 V class requirement.

The HVD3102 (25 MHz, 1000Vrms), HVD3106 (120 MHz, 1000Vrms), and HVD3106-6M (80MHz, 1000Vrms) probes are ideal for power electronics applications, where the reference potential is elevated from ground. Each probe is supplied with a complete set of lead accessories and a soft accessory case. The main difference among probes is the probe and width.

Key Features
  • 1 kV CAT safety rated
  • Exceptional common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) across a broad frequency range
  • 1% gain accuracy
  • High offset capability at both high and low attenuation
  • AC or DC coupling
  • ProBus active probe interface with automatic scaling
  • Auto-zero capabilities
  • Wide oscilloscope compatibility
Main Specifications
  • Bandwidth: 120 MHz
  • Input Coupling: DC only
  • Input Impedance: 10 MΩ || 2.5 pF (between inputs) 5 MΩ || 5.0 pF (either input to ground)
  • Attenuation: 50x / 500x
  • Rise Time (10-90%): 2.9 ns
  • Differential Voltage Range (High Attenuation): 1500 V (DC + peak AC) from 7 to 500 V/div with up to 1500V offset. 2000 V maximum typical measurable differential voltage before saturation
  • Differential Voltage Range (Low Attenuation): 27.6 V (DC + peak AC) from 100 mV/div to 6.9 V/div with up to 150V offset.
  • Common Mode Voltage Range: ±1500 V (DC + peak AC), 1000 Vrms (CAT III) (either input to ground)
  • Maximum Input Voltage to Earth: ±2000 Vpk (nominal, either input to ground)
  • Max Safe Input: 1000 Vrms CAT III per IEC/EN 61010-031/A1:2008
  • Sensitivity: 100 mV/div to 6.9V/div (50X), 7V/div to 500V/div (500X)
  • Gain Accuracy: 1% (LF, guaranteed)
  • Slew Rate: 400 V/ns (maximum)
  • Output Coupling: AC or DC coupling
  • Output Termination: 1 MΩ
  • Interface: ProBus
  • Input Lead Length: 40 cm input lead length
  • Cable Length (input lead to oscilloscope connection): 2.25 m
Standard Accessories Included
  • Spade Terminals
  • Safety Alligator Clips
  • Plunger Alligator Clips
  • Plunger Pincer Clips
  • Plunger Hook Clips

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