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Teledyne LeCroy WAVESURFER 104MXS-B Oscilloscope

Model Number: WAVESURFER 104MXS-B

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Teledyne LeCroy WAVESURFER 104MXS-B

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  • Teledyne LeCroy WAVESURFER 104MXS-B


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Teledyne LeCroy 104MXs-B WaveSurfer Oscilloscope: 1GHz, 5GS/s, 4-ch, 16Mpts/Ch DSO with 10.4in Color Touch Screen Display; 10GS/s, 32Mpts Interleaved

The WaveSurfer 104MXs-B Mixed-Signal DSO oscilloscope packs high performance hardware, powerful waveform processing and advanced math, measurement and debug tools into a compact form factor with a large touch screen display and intuitive user interface.

  • WaveScan Advanced Search Allows searching in a single acquisition using more than 20 different criteria. Or, set up a Scan condition and scan for an event over hours or even days.
  • Advanced Math and Measure With 18 math functions including averaging, enhanced resolution and FFT plus 23 measurement parameters, WaveSurfer can measure and analyze every aspect of a waveform. Beyond just measuring waveforms, WaveSurfer provides statistics and histicons to show how waveforms change over time.
  • WaveStream Fast Viewing Mode Provides a vibrant, intensity graded (256 levels) display with a fast update to closely simulate the look and feel of an analog oscilloscope. Turn WaveStream ON or OFF, and adjust intensity, using the front panel knob; use it only when you want to. Touch Screen Simplicity: keep your testing efficient with a thoughtfully designed user interface that provides the busy engineer with a GUI that is smooth, transparent, and easy to use. Use the touch screen to quickly access all triggers, math functions and measurement parameters or to "draw a box" around the area of interest and zoom all channels to the desired area.
  • LabNotebook Documentation and Report Generation Tool Provides a report generation tool to save and document all your work. Saving all displayed waveforms, settings, and screen images is all done through LabNotebook, eliminating the need to navigate multiple menus to save all these files independently.

Test Standards

Vertical System

  • Bandwidth: 1GHz
  • Risetime: 300ps
  • Input Channels: four
  • Bandwidth Limiters: 20MHz, 200MHz
  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ ±1.0%; 16pF ±2pF, 50Ω ±1.0%
  • Input Coupling: AC, DC, GND
  • Maximum Input Voltage, 1MΩ: ±250Vpk
  • Maximum Input Voltage, 50Ω: 5VRMS
  • Channel-Channel Isolation: ≥40dB at 100MHz; ≥30dB at 1GHz
  • Vertical Resolution: 8 bits
  • Sensitivity, 1MΩ: 2mV/div to 10V/div
  • Sensitivity, 50Ω: 2mV/div to 1V/div
  • DC Gain Accuracy: ±1.5%
  • Offset Range, ±1V: 2mV/div to 99mV/div
  • Offset Range, ±10V: 100mV/div to 1.0V/div
  • Offset Range, ±100V: 1.02V/div to 10V/div

Horizontal System

  • Time/Division Range: 200ps/div to 1000s/div
  • Clock Accuracy: 5ppm
  • Trigger and Interpolator Jitter: 3ps rms

Acquisition System

  • Single-Shot Sample Rate/Ch: 10GS/s, 2-ch; 5GS/s, 4-ch
  • Equivalent Sample Rate: 50GS/s
  • Memory: 32Mpts/Ch on CH 2; 16Mpts/Ch on Ch 4

Acquisition Modes

  • Averaging: Up to 1,000,000
  • Peak Detect: N/A
  • Interpolation: Linear, Sin x/x
  • Enhanced Resolution: Up to 11 bits
  • Sequence Mode: Up to 5,000 segments

Triggering System

  • Modes: Normal, Auto, Single, Stop
  • Sources: Ch 1 through Ch 4, EXT, EXT/10, AC line
  • Coupling Mode: AC, DC, LF Rej, HF Rej
  • Pre-trigger Delay 0 to 100% Full Scale
  • Post-trigger Delay 0 to 10,000 Divisions
  • Trigger Sensitivity, 1.0 division: 200MHz
  • Trigger Sensitivity, 1.5 divisions: 600MHz
  • Trigger Sensitivity, 2.0 divisions: 1GHz
  • External Trigger Sensitivity, Ext: 50mV from DC to 10MHz, 200mV from 10MHz to 600MHz
  • External Trigger Sensitivity, Ext/10: 0.5V from DC to 10MHz, 2.0mV from 10MHz to 600MHz
  • External Trigger Input Range Ext: ±0.4V, EXT/10: ±4.0V

Trigger Types

  • Standard Triggers: Edge, Glitch, Width, Logic (Pattern), TV (NTSC, PAL, SECAM, HDTV), Runt, Slew Rate, Interval, Dropout, Qualified
  • Optional Serial Data Triggers: I2C, SPI, UART/RS-232, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, Audio (I2S, LJ, RJ, TDM), USB, MIPI D-PHY, DigRF3G

Internal Storage

  • Medium: internal hard drive
  • Waveform Storage: four waveforms
  • Setup Storage: six setups


  • Number of Math Traces: one
  • Standard Math Functions: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, FFT, Absolute Value, Averaging (summed and continuous), Derivative, Envelope, Enhanced Resolution, Floor, Integral, Invert, Reciprocal, Rescale, Roof, Square, Square Root


  • Number of Measurements Displayed: six
  • Measurement Parameters: Amplitude, Area, Base, Delay, Duty Cycle, Fall Time (90% to 10%), Fall Time (80% to 20%), Frequency, Maximum, Mean, Minimum, Overshoot+, Overshoot-, Period, Peak-Peak, Phase, Rise Time (10% to 90%), Rise Time (20% to 80%), RMS, Skew, Standard Deviation, Top, Width+, Width-


  • Probes: qty four ÷10 Passive Probes
  • Scale Factors, Automatic: ÷1, ÷10, ÷20, ÷100, ÷200, ÷1000, ÷2000, ÷10000
  • Scale Factors, Automatic/Manual: ÷1, ÷10, ÷20, ÷100, ÷200, ÷1000, ÷2000
  • Scale Factors, Variable: (÷1x10-6 - ÷10000)
  • Calibration Output: 1kHz square wave, 1.0Vp-p, output to probe hook


  • GPIB Port: one (optional)
  • USB (Host): five
  • Ethernet Port: one
  • Serial Port: one

Power Requirements

  • Mains: 90 to 264VAC @ 47Hz to 63Hz; 90 to 132VAC @ 380Hz to 420Hz
  • Max. Power Consumption: 340VA
Standard Accessories Included
  • ÷10, 500MHz, 10M Passive Probe (Total of 1 Per Channel)
  • Getting Started Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Standard Ports: Ethernet, USB 2.0 (5), SVGA Video Out, Audio In/Out
  • Protective Front Cover
  • Anti-virus Software (Trial Version)
  • Standard Commercial Calibration and Performance Certificate
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