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Teledyne LeCroy WS3K-MSO Mixed Signal Kit for Wavesurfer 3000

Model Number: WS3K-MSO

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Teledyne LeCroy WS3K-MSO Mixed Signal Kit for Wavesurfer 3000

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Teledyne LeCroy WS3K-MSO Mixed Signal Kit for Wavesurfer 3000

The Teledyne Lecroy WS3K-MSO adds mixed signal capabilities to your Wavesurfer 3000. Unlock the powerful logic analyzer in your oscilloscope - the Wavesurfer 3000 has 16 digital channels, and a digital sample rate of 500 MS/s. Able to detect pulse widths of 4ns, and frequencies up to 125 MHz, the WS3K-MSO is an essential tool for Wavesurfer owners looking to perform logic analysis.

Lines can be organized into two groups, and renamed accordingly. The WS3K-MSO also features two digital banks with separate Threshold controls, making it possible to simultaneously view data from different logic families. Leads are organized into two banks of eight leads each, and you assign each bank a standard Logic Family, or custom Threshold to define the digital logic of the signal.

The Digital set up dialog has two tabs each corresponding to one of two possible digital groups, labeled Digital1 to Digital2, which correspond to buses. You choose which lines from among the 16 make up each digital group, what they are named, and how the group appears on the display. Initially, logical lines are numbered the same as the physical lead they represent, although any line number can be re-assigned to any lead.


  • MSO Probe for WS3000 series only
  • Adds 125MHz logic option
  • Soft unlock code included with 16 Ch probe set
Test Standards
Standard Accessories Included
  • Logic Module
  • 22 micrograbbers
  • 20 Ground extenders
  • 5 Ground Flying Leads
  • WS3K-EMB Embedded Option for WS3000

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