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Com-Power ISN-T8 Impedance Stabilization Network

Model Number: ISN-T8

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Com-Power ISN-T8 Impedance Stabilization Network

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  • Com-Power ISN-T8 Impedance Stabilization Network


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Com-Power ISN-T8 Impedance Stabilization Network

The ISN T8 design is based on the circuit illustrated in Figure D.3 of CISPR 22 and Figure F8 of CISPR 32.

The RF Port is a 50Ω female BNC connector, located on the top of the ISN. The ISN is equipped with two D-sub 25 pin female connectors located on the front panel (EUT Port) and rear panel (AE Port), providing the interface to the LCL Adapter and Connecting Adapter, respectively.

The Cat. 3 and Cat. 5 LCL adapters are tuned to provide the appropriate Longitudinal Conversion Loss (LCL) for the given cable categories, and also provide the interface to the Equipment Under Test (EUT). The Connecting Adapter provides the interface to the AE.

Adapter sets include one Cat. 3 and one Cat. 5 LCL Adapter, along with one Connecting Adapter. The ISN T8 is provided with an adapter set equipped with RJ45 receptacles wired per ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B. Adapter sets are also available with 4-pin RJ11 receptacles.

For non-standard arrangements, adapter sets are also available with (8) 1mm banana jacks. This set also includes two RJ45 (or RJ11) to 1mm banana plug wiring adapters, allowing the user to adapt to virtually any pin/ wiring arrangement.


  • Frequency Range - 150 kHz to 30 MHz
  • For Unshielded Telecommunication Lines: 1 to 4 balanced pairs
  • Complies with CISPR 16-1-2, CISPR 22/32
  • Individual Calibration Included
Test Standards
  •  CISPR 16-1-2
  •   CISPR 22
  •   CISPR 32
  • Standards: CISPR 16-1-2, CISPR 22, CISPR 32
  • Frequency Range: 150 kHz to 30 MHz
  • Application: Unscreened lines w/up to 4 balanced pairs
  • Max. Current rating: 800 mA (per line), 1.6 Amps (per pair)
  • Voltage rating: 50 VDC / 32 VAC (line to ground @ 50/60 Hz)
  • RF Port Connector: 50O BNC (female)
  • EUT/AE Port Connections: RJ45 (RJ11 also available)
  • Common mode Impedance: 150O ±20 Ohms
  • Phase: 0° ±20°
  • Voltage Division Factor: 10.5 dB ±1 dB
  • Decoupling Attenuation(minimum Isolation) : 150 kHz to 1.5 MHz: 35 to 55 dB, 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz: 55 dB
  • Symmetric Insertion Loss: Max: 3 dB ±0.25 dB
  • Symmetric Load Impedance: 100O
  • Transmission Bandwidth: >100 MHz
Standard Accessories Included
  • CAT. 3 LCL Adapter - RJ45
  • CAT. 5 LCL Adapter - RJ45
  • Connecting Adapter - RJ45
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