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Thermo Scientific ECAT Module E502B

Model Number: E502B

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Thermo Scientific E502B

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  • Thermo Scientific E502B

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Thermo Fisher/Keytek ECAT Model E502B: Telecommunications Surge Wave

Plug-in module to produce the telecommunications surge wave required by IEC 61000-4-5, FCC Part 68 and ITU Rec K.17, K.20, and K.21 (formerly CCITT).

Standards: IEC 61000-4-5 FCC Part 68 and ITU Rec K.17,K.20, and K.21 (formerly CCITT) E502B 10/700µs and 0.5/700µs Telecom Waves (compatible withCM-TELCD Telecom coupler/decoupler)

Minimum System Requirements: E100 Series control center/mainframe with blank plug-in module (if no other half-width module is ordered)

Test Standards
  •  FCC Part 68
  •   ITU-T K.17
  •   ITU-T K.20
  •   ITU-T K.21
  • Open-Circuit Voltage: 10/700µs and 0.5/700µs, 200V to 6.6kV ±10% in 1V steps; 10/700µs
  • Waveform meets both IEC and FCC Part 68 9/720μs requirements; tighter tolerances for front time and duration ensure compliance with both requirements
  • Short-Circuit Current: Open-circuit voltage ÷15 with 0Ω effective source impedance; open-circuit voltage ÷40 with 25Ω effective source impedance; tolerance of -0/+10%
  • Front Time Tolerance, Voltage: 7.0µs to 11.7µs
  • Front Time Tolerance, Current: 5.0µs ±30%
  • Duration: Voltage: 576µs to 840µs; Current: 320µs ±20%
  • Surge Repetition Rate: 1 shot/18 seconds
Standard Accessories Included
  • Calibration certificate
  • Manual


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