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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the branch of electrical engineering that focuses on protecting electronic devices from the interference of electromagnetic energy. The unintentional generation or reception of electromagnetic energy may cause electromagnetic interference (EMI) and damage the equipment. Along with the steep and continuous increase in electronic device usage comes a corresponding increase in the possibility of interference, making EMC testing more crucial than ever.

The four types of EMC testing include: conducted immunity, conducted emissions, radiated immunity, and radiated emissions. Specific standards have been developed to ensure safety and repeatable results when testing equipment that must be followed. IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and CISPR                   (International Special Committee on Radio Interference) work individually and together to create these standards in order to provide solutions to current global change. Our EMC and EMI testing equipment has been designed to fulfill these specific test standards such as MIL-STD-461EN/IEC-61000-4, and CISPR.

Developers of automotive, medical, defense, aerospace, and consumer electronics technology all rely on EMC testing to ensure devices meet strict industry requirements.


Avalon Test Equipment carries a wide variety of EMC test equipment ranging from ESD guns and RF amplifiers to immunity testers. Browse our inventory by category to fulfill specific testing requirements and Test With Confidence®.

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EM Test Compact NX7 Multifunctional Test Generator

The three-phase coupling/decoupling networks of the coupling NX series are used to couple EFT/Burst-, Surge- and Ring wave pulses on DC-lines or to three-phase (4-wire or 5-wire) mains supply systems for voltages up to 1,000 VDC / 3 x 690 VAC.

Teseq NSG 4070C-80 Compact Immunity Test System

With integrated power amplifier 80 W module 150 kHz–230 MHz

Haefely ONYX 30 ESD Simulator/Gun

The Haefely ONYX 30 ESD Simulator/Gun, 30kV has been specially designed to meet all latest international standards, including IEC61000-4-2 edition 2, and are the most ergonomic battery and AC power operated 30kV guns on the market. Test with confidence®.

EM Test UCS 200N100 Ultra-Compact Simulator

The UCS 200N100 by EM Test is in stock and ready to rent! The Ultra-Compact Simulator series for Automotive Transients unifies the capabilities of an EFT/Burst simulator, a Micro-pulse simulator, and the required coupling network into one box. Lab staff with over 20 years of technical experience. Customer service is our top priority. Immediate sales assistance along with same day shipments. Rent from Avalon Test Equipment.

IFI SMC1500 Solid State Amplifier

80 MHz–1000 MHz, 1500 W

Rohde & Schwarz BBA150 Broadband Amplifier

Excellent amplifiers from 4 kHz to 6 GHz with high power density

EM Test LD 200N Load Dump Generator

In stock and ready to rent at Avalon! Load Dump pulses simulate a sudden battery disconnection from the alternator.

EM Test VDS 200N15 Automotive Voltage Drop Simulator 60V/15A

The VDS 200N series is used to simulate the various battery supply waveforms recommended by international standards and by car manufacturer requirements.

EM Test Compact NX5 Modular Ultra Compact Simulator

This compact generator tests according to a number of standards. Request a quote now! Fast solutions to move your business forward. Call our sales team today.

M Precision EMCPro Plus EMC Test System

Thermo Scientific EMCPro Plus EMC Test System; expandable, portable, multi-function EMC test system for pre-compliance, QA, and full certification testing. Test for up to seven global EMC standards for susceptibility to electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility with a single instrument.

M Precision Lightning Test System Level 5 Mainframe

There are 6 different lightning waveforms that can be produced with this system for the study and testing of lightning-induced transient susceptibility

Haefely AXOS5 Compact Immunity Test System

Haefely AXOS5 Compact Immunity Tester combines 5kV Burst/EFT, Surge combination wave, AC/DC Dips & Interrupts, along with an integrated single-phase coupling/decoupling network (CDN) into one compact system.

Haefely AXOS8 Compact Immunity Test System

Haefely AXOS8 Compact Immunity Test System, 7 kV integrates all of the best features of several stand-alone test systems into one single economic solution. Standards: IEC/EN 61000-4-4, -4-5, -4-9, -4-11, -4-12

M Precision D564-L5 Lightning Test System Module

Lightning Test System Module for Waveform 5B, Level 5

M Precision D566-L5 Lightning Test System Module

Thermo Scientific D566-L5 LTS Surge Network Module; produces waveforms 1 and 4 to level 5 lightning testing. This module does pin injection, single stroke, multiple stroke, and test capability to level 5.

M Precision D569-L5 Lightning Test System Module

Lightning Test Equipment. Thermo Scientific D569-L5 Lightning Test System Module for Waveform 6, Level 5. This module has multiple burst test capability to level 5.

Rohde & Schwarz ESU8 EMI Test Receiver

The R&S® ESU is a family of CISPR 16-1-1-compliant EMI test receivers that meet all civil and military standards for electromagnetic disturbance measurements.

EM Test AutoWave Arbitrary Generator

For Generating and Recording Automotive Waveforms

EM Test VDS 200Q100 4-Quadrant Voltage Drop Simulator

The VDS 200Q series is used to simulate the various battery supply waveforms recommended by international standards and by car manufacturer requirements. Available to rent!

Com-Power LI-125C LISN

150 kHz–30 MHz

Com-Power LI-150C LISN

150 kHz–30 MHz

Com-Power LI-325 LISN

10 kHz–400 MHz, 5 microhenry / 25 Amps

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